Lighting Guides

Thank you for shopping with Color Cord Company. Here, you’ll find helpful lighting guides to get you started on your next lighting project! Check out our tutorials, lighting guides for the home, and DIY light fixture installations for more info on how to make your space shine!


If you have purchased electrical wire by the foot, sockets, switches, plugs, or any other object used with electricity, please use extreme caution. We recommend that you always consult a licensed electrician before starting any DIY light fixture installation involving electricity.

The World Effect, LLC DBA: Color Cord Company is not responsible for how the items you have purchased are used or how they have been assembled for any project or application.

Cord & Locking Socket Warnings

  • Use extreme caution when stripping the outermost insulation away from the conductor wires. The colored insulation of the conductor wires must remain undamaged.

    Wire Cutting Techniques  
  • BASIC PLASTIC SOCKETS ARE SELF-LOCKING! Do not assemble the sockets with the terminal inside before it is wired. The terminal will lock the socket permanently.

    More Details in Our Lighting Guides  
  • Want to test the socket before wiring it? Remove the terminal to avoid locking it. Otherwise wait to close the socket until the socket is wired.

    Lighting Guides for the Home  


Each canopy includes all the mounting hardware you might need! However, you need to consider whether your canopy is installed on the ceiling as a pendant, as a flush hardwired fixture or, as a plug-in sconce. Check the lighting guides below to confirm what you’re installing and follow the video or graphic instructions on how to do it!

Please note that due to variation in building standards, the included hardware might not be exactly right for your space. Contact us for help if you run into any issues!

Canopy Installation Instructions

With our lighting guides for the home, anyone can handle light fixture installation.

Color Cord Swag

With all the hard-to-reach spaces and limitless possibilities from your imagination, our cord grips and cord stays are here to help bring your pendant vision to light! Explore DIY light fixture installation with a little help from our swag hooks.

Swag Hook Installation and Electrical Components

These small pieces make a big impact!

Sockets: A Light Bulb's BFF

From shade-ready to exposed bulb, we've got the best socket options for you! Add extra color and style with a socket cover to give your fixture a finished look.


Wiring Your Sockets

Learn how to wire our basic and shade-ready sockets in these quick lighting guide videos and printable instructions.

  • Basic Ivory Socket Wiring Instructions

    Our ivory sockets are a push-in style terminal, meaning you push the conductor wires into a self-securing connector hole.

    White Socket Lighting Guide  
  • Basic Black Socket Wiring Instructions

    This self-locking socket has a three-piece construction, the top cap, the threaded bottom (also known as a skirt) and the terminal plate.

    Basic Socket Lighting Guide  
  • Porcelain Socket Wiring Instructions

    Porcelain sockets are held together with two screws that are tightened from inside the socket. They’re safe and easy to wire.

    Porcelain Socket Lighting Guide  

Strip Your Wire With Ease

This universal DIY wire stripper is effective and easy, making your projects faster to complete. Compatible with all of our round cloth covered SVT wire, the tool comes equipped with multiple blades for stripping and cutting. There’s a coaxial cable stripper cassette, an adjustable round cable stripper, and a wire cutter. Basically, all it’s missing is a drink holder.


Wiring Electrical Components

The last steps in completing your DIY project start here.

  • Thumb Switch Installation

    Once you get the hang of it, the thumb switch installation is pretty straight forward. Just follow this simple tutorial for simple step by step instructions.

    Wiring Instructions  
  • Grounded Plug End Installation

    We’ll demonstrate how to wire a removable grounded cord plug end in our helpful and handy instructional video below.

    Wiring Instructions  
  • Cut and Strip Wire

    Cutting and stripping wire can be easy. Here we give you options with tools you have at home or tools you can buy from us!

    Cutting Instructions  

We Are Here To Help

Ask us anything! We are here to assist you with your DIY lighting project and with any questions you have about our product. We’re just a ring or click away!