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Shop for lamp electrical parts that can be used with our cloth covered electrical wire, sockets and covers, tubings and fittings, and ceiling canopies. At Color Cord Company, we love helping DIYers, contractors, and architects create the perfect customized lighting to reinvent any space. To help you as much as possible, read our handy DIY Wiring Guide linked below.


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Wiring: 101

Here are some of the essential tools, information, and parts you may need to complete your project. Click the link below to see our essential wiring guide.

DIY Wiring Guide

Light Fixture Accessories and Parts

Explore lamp electrical parts that make light fixtures functional, safe, and easy to use, such as our customizable power cord whip, available in 27 colors. We also feature Wago Lever-Nuts that let you connect wires without having to use electrical tape and outdated wire nuts. In this collection, you can also find useful thumb and floor switches, as well as plug-ends.

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Color Cord Company is an industry leader and trusted source for design professionals and innovative DIYers seeking the safest and easy-to-use lamp electrical parts to support their latest projects.

It’s safe to say we love color! Shop over 100 different colors of our signature cloth-covered electrical wire, light fixtures, and lamp parts. Any questions about wiring? Get in touch with us online or over the phone at 1.800.409.1070.