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Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip

Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip

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Handmade in 7-10 business days + selected shipping speed

Customizable Power Cord Colors for Your Lighting Fixtures

You’ll find a huge selection of power cord colors when you’re shopping for a power cord whip from the Color Cord Company. We offer power cord whips that are perfect for any DIY plug-in light or project.

Customizable for Your Lighting

With these ready-to-wire power cord sets, you’ll be able to customize your lighting fixture right down to the cord. The whip is prefabricated and can be used to quickly give your lighting fixtures a power cord. Completely customize your whip with different colors and lengths up to 30 feet. It comes standard with a three-pronged plug. You can also add a switch!

Whip Specifics

Our whips are available in lengths from one to 30 feet so you can choose an option that works best for your project. You’ll get a whip that’s made from Color Cord Company premium cloth-covered wires (UL Listed File Number: E471215). Note: UL Listing applies to this product being unmodified. If it is customized, such as adding a thumb switch, additional testing for the final assembly may be needed. 

We also offer power cord colors that include prepared ends depending on your project needs. Get your whip quicker with an easy seven-day production lead time.

This electric whip is designed for indoor use and made to be used with a variety of DIY light fixtures. You’ll find high-quality craftsmanship in all our products to ensure you can make the best-customized lighting solutions.

Better Experience

When you shop for your lighting needs at Color Cord Company, you’ll experience a high level of customer service and a better shopping experience.

Start with your favorite power cord colors and customize your own lighting fixture now!


  • 1 to 30 foot length
  • UL Listed E471215
  • Premium SVT-B Flexible Electrical Wire
  • 3 conductors, 18 gauge
  • 1/4" overall cord diameter
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 3-Prong Molded Plug End
  • 7-10 Biz Day Production Lead Time
  • Not Eligible For Return
  • Hand Assembled in Denver, CO
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Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip
Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip
Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip