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Colorful Extension Cords

When you need to get a little extra length from your power cord, an extension cord is the key to extending that distance without having to purchase a whole new light fixture. However, most extension cords come in pretty basic colors, like black, grey, or orange — and they don’t always match with your decor and personal style. If you’re looking for colorful extension cords to blend with your existing fixture cord color, shop these single light cords at Color Cord Company today!

Our Colored Power Cables

Our colorful extension cords are available in a variety of configurations, including basic extension cords, powerstrips, and flat, two-prong, and three-prong cord whips. Most of our options are 18-gauge cords to match with our other cloth-covered cord thicknesses.

Please note that connecting several single light cords together can be a hazard, so we provide cords that include 15 extra feet of extension to meet your project requirements. Like all of our fixtures and lamp parts, these colored power cables are only suitable for indoor lighting.

Find Unique Lighting Components Here

At Color Cord Company, we know that colorful extension cords probably aren’t the only things on your list. Whether you’re looking for adapters and splitters, tubes, fittings, sockets, covers, or anything else, we offer creative solutions for essential light fixture parts. Shop our entire store to discover how you can build a light fixture from the ground up with our customization station or explore our gallery to find inspiration for your next big project!

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