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Sleek lines are essential in any stand-out lighting design. Our fixture fittings and tubing give you everything you need to achieve that modern appeal, above and beyond standard brass finish. Our light fittings are universally compatible with standard lamp parts and give DIY pendant lights a chic, one-of-a-kind look. With a variety of finishes and parts to choose from, it’s never been easier for design professionals and DIYers to create unique overhead light fixtures.

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Our light fittings and lamp tubing products can help you create truly unique, modern light fixtures. Explore a wide range of lighting components from pendant light tubes that vary in length to lighting fittings featuring 90-degree bends. These can be fitted on cylinder cluster bodies to create distinctive three or four-port designs. To support your project, we also offer arm backs and elbows in matching finishes, along with caps, buttons, and many more parts.

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We love working with interior designers and decorators, architects, contractors, and creative DIYers looking for the best light fittings and tubing for their pendant light fixtures.

It’s pretty safe to say we also love color. Shop over 100+ unique colors in our signature cloth colored wire and lamp parts. Any questions about electrical fixtures and fittings? Send us a message online or call 1.800.409.1070.

Light Fitting FAQ

What is a lamp cluster body?

A cluster body is a hollow cap that attaches to the central part of your fixture. Using this accessory, you can add more arms to any fixture and transform it into a custom chandelier. Some bodies only come with two holes for added tubing, while others come with five.

Our collection of cluster bodies comes in various sizes and finishes so you can create a cohesive design out of a base light fixture.

What do I need lamp tubing for?

Light tubing is a hollow metal rod that allows you to redesign a fixture with extended arms. You attach your tubing to other fitting parts with couples, elbows, or bodies and thread your wires throughout to reach the light bulbs.

We carry tubing in various sizes, diameters, shapes, and finishes to ensure any extension matches the base fixture.

What other accessories can expand my light fitting functionality?

One of the best pieces for versatility is a pivot junction, which allows you to rotate a lamp head to redirect the light. We also offer keyed elbows that serve a similar purpose — except instead of rotating, the elbows bend on an angle.