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Find the Perfect Swag Hook for Your Pendant Lights

With a swag hook, you can easily and safely hang your pendant lights, chandeliers, and other hanging fixtures from the ceiling — without worrying about tripping over too-long plugged cords. If you’re looking for a modern solution that’s easy to use and gives you the chance to take advantage of plug-in or hanging pendant lighting, it’s time to invest in swag hooks for chandeliers from Color Cord Company!

A Large Selection

Whether you need swag hooks for chandeliers or pendant lights, you’ll find tons of styles, shapes, and finish options here. Our designs are meant to suit any decor scheme or aesthetic with three unique hook styles and six finish options. We know you’ll enjoy choosing from traditional swag hooks in modern colors and more contemporary designs for your space. The perfect swag hooks for your pendant lights are all right here.

An Easy Shopping Experience

When you shop for your accessories and components at Color Cord Company, it’s easy to find everything you need in one place because we stock everything from swag hooks and cord stays to socket covers and canopies. We also guarantee the best quality with every purchase, as our light fixtures are UL listed and hand-assembled with care. You’ll find premium materials and dedicated attention to detail no matter what you’re shopping for.

Even better? You can save on shipping! We offer free shipping for all orders $99 and up! Shop now to enjoy all the perks of Color Cord Company today!

Swag Hook FAQ

What are the different styles of swag hooks?

At Color Cord Company, we offer three different swag hooks for chandeliers and pendant lights, including Pinch, Round, and T-Swag.

The Pinch hook is a thicker rod with a small opening in the middle where you insert your cord to keep it securely into place. The Round hook is a curved design with lots of room for you to loop your cord around. The T-Swag option offers a dual hook shape that provides extra flexibility for wrapping your cords. We also offer cord stays.

What finish options and colors do you offer?

Our finish options for swag hooks include Black, White, Polished Copper, Solid Raw Brass, Brushed Nickel, and Raw Metal. The raw finish options are designed to age and oxidize naturally. Alternatively, you can also paint over them to customize your color and seal them with a clear finish coat.

These finish options are the traditional colors of our light fittings and hardware to help guarantee a perfect color match to your Color Cord Company fixture.

What is a cord stay?

A cord stay is a little bit different from swag hooks, as it holds cords slightly more securely. Instead of hanging or wrapping the electrical cord around a hook, you thread it through a cord stay and screw on a cover to keep the cord from moving at all — which makes them a great choice for creating cord designs along walls and floors!

Please note that our cord stays are only compatible with ¼-inch diameter cords, and are available in our traditional finish options.

How do I use swag hooks for pendant lights?

Whether you’re wondering how to hang swag hooks for chandeliers or plug-in pendants, Color Cord Company has the style inspiration and instructions you need!

Check out some of these articles from our design team:

You might also want to learn how to install a cord stay to ensure a more secure solution.

Do your hooks need a stud?

The safest method for installing your hooks is directly into joists or wood studs. We recommend locating the wood strapping in your ceiling that’s closest to where you want to hang your fixture and attaching your hook (or hooks) there. You can then loop and wrap your extra cord length through the hooks.

Do your hooks come with everything needed for installation?

All of our hooks and stays come with a screw, anchor, backplate, and allen key to make installation simple and easy.

How much weight can your swag hooks for pendant lights hold?

Our three featured hook styles (Pinch, Round, and T-Swag) can hold up to 10 lbs. per hook. Our cord stays can only hold a maximum weight of 3 lbs. The capacity for both hooks and stays are dependent on stud or joist placement.

If you’re looking for more answers about our swag hooks, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Chat with our experts online or give us a call at 800.409.1070 today!