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Flexible Wall Lamp Designs

Designed to provide as much flexibility and versatility as possible, these fixtures are movable wall sconces that feature articulating and/or adjustable features for added convenience. Angle your lighting exactly where you need it with a flexible wall lamp that’s ideal for bedside reading, bathroom vanities, and living room spotlighting.

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Upgrade Your Home’s Aesthetic

We have several configurations available for our Hinge flexible wall lamps, including those with single and double joints. Most of our fixtures are designed to display a naked light bulb, but they’re all shade-ready with compatible options, and a few come with the shade included. Find the shape that speaks to you and choose your finish to complete the customization of your order. 

We typically offer several finish options for each of these movable wall sconces, including black, white, copper, nickel, and brass hues. You’ll also find some Hinge lamps with finish options from the Boutique Lighting Collection that range from Pine and Slate to Linen and Rust. These are limited edition colors that will only be available while supplies last.

Wiring Solutions

Whether you can hardware your fixture to a junction box or you need to rely on an outlet to power your flexible wall lamp fixture, we make it easy. Plug-in fixtures will come with up to 15’ of matching cloth-covered cord to ensure you have enough length for a variety of hanging configurations.

If you have any questions about wiring or customizing your fixture, our team is always here to help. Reach out to us by phone at 800-409-1070 or chat with us online anytime!