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If you’re looking for E12 sockets, covers, rings, and other accessories that are compatible with e12 base bulbs and shades, look no further than this collection at Color Cord Company. With a variety of colors, materials, and shapes, we’re here to help ensure every aspect of your light fixtures is cohesive. Browse the collection and explore other socket sizes.

E12 Socket Sizes

At Color Cord Company, we carry all the products you need to design and install light fixtures in your home or business. Since we want to provide you with the right socket covers, rings, and more, we provide compatible e12 and e26 products that match the lamp base size of any light fixture in our collection. The most common lamp base sizes you’ll see in the United States include E12, E17, E26, and E39. The numbers that come after the letter refer to the size of the lamp base in millimeters.

Our Selection

The E12 socket accessories in our collection come in various materials, including thermoplastic and metal. Thermoplastic products are available in black and white and may come with extended threads or internal threads to suit your needs. Our metal products are available in several other colors, ranging from black, white, and copper to brass, nickel, and raw metal.

Raw metal finish colors are left untreated, so they age according to use and environment. Many people also paint over the raw metal with an exact color match for their decor to ensure a little more customization.

If you have any questions about our E12 sockets, please reach out to our team by email, chat, online form, or phone!