Lighting by Room

Lighting By Room

Shop for Lighting Fixtures by Room

Every room in your home has potential for creative lighting solutions. In addition to accommodating the size of your space, consider the unique tasks that take place in each environment. Make sure every room in your home is perfectly lit with ambient, task, and accent lighting in a way that is welcoming and inspiring.

At Color Cord Company, we can help you shop for lighting fixtures by room with curated collections for every room. Browse light fixtures for dining rooms, lamps for bedrooms, and everything in between when you explore our categories here.

Living Room & Entry

From welcoming guests to relaxing with a good book, your entryway, transitional spaces, and living areas are all rooms where the lighting sets the tone. Shop for lighting fixtures that offer versatile, layered lighting options. Consider lamps for living rooms to create an intimate social atmosphere, as well as pendant lighting for high ceilings to ensure you have adequate lighting for larger gatherings.


Bedroom lighting is all about comfort, coziness, and ease. It’s easy to install general lighting for this space with a flush mount, but there are also so many ways you can get creative with how you light your bedside or how you consider adding ceiling lights. Consider shopping for lighting fixtures to help illuminate your space in relaxing, welcoming ways.

Kitchen & Dining

Whether you’re prepping your weeknight meals or sitting down with your family for breakfast, you need effective lighting in the kitchen and dining room to create a space that is productive, welcoming, and easy to navigate. Browse pendant lights and chandeliers with the perfect shades to diffuse bright light throughout your space!


Experts recommend that you provide one watt of light for every square foot of floor space in your bathroom. And, if you have dark surfaces in this space, you need even more light to make up for what’s absorbed by dark tile. Check out the perfect lighting for your bathroom with our wall mounts and more!

Ready to shop light fixtures for your rooms? Get even more inspiration in our gallery!