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E26 Bulb Sockets & More

As part of our mission to be the one-stop shop for anyone in need of a light fixture overhaul, Color Cord Company provides the socket covers, rings, fittings, and other accessories you need for installation. If you’re looking for E26 sockets that are compatible with your preferred fixtures, we have everything you need for a custom design. Take a look at our collection today to complete your order.

Our Selection

Our selection of E26 sockets, rings, and covers includes various materials, like metal, thermoplastic, porcelain, and silicone. Our metal products come in a nearly endless selection of colors to ensure a perfect match to your color cord, while our plastic products come in basic black and white. More rare are our porcelain and silicone products. Porcelain only comes in white, while silicone is available in simple rainbow hues to provide an approximate match for your other light fixture accessories.

What Is An E26 Socket?

Whether you’re shopping for an E26 bulb socket or half cap socket cover, everything in this collection is compatible with E26 sizes. The “E” refers to the Edison Screw, which is the most standard type of lamp base, and the number dictates the diameter in millimeters. The most common sizes in the United States for lamp bases include E12, E17, E26, and E39. At Color Cord Company, you can find E26 sockets and E12 products in our collection.

If you’re looking for other sizes, browse our entire sockets and covers collection to find what you need. Need more information on what an E26 socket is? We have answers! Reach out to our team for additional guidance.