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Shop for your perfect wall sconce with cord attachments in our selection of modern, creative designs that are perfect for any home. Make Color Cord Company your go-to provider for mix-and-match customizable lighting and cord combinations. It’s lighting design made easy!

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We feature a modern selection of wall sconces with cords to ensure your home has personalized wall lighting. Shop by fixture type and select flush mount wall sconces that install directly into any home’s wiring system, or choose easy-to-install, unique wall sconces that simply plug into an electrical outlet.

Our selection of sconces with cords features sleek, minimal sconces that look great in any type of room. Whether you’re looking to add a chic, luxurious touch to a modern farmhouse kitchen or something pared-back for an industrial-style loft, our custom light options will add the perfect finishing touch to any space.

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Color Cord Company is an industry-leading source for design professionals and individuals seeking to make big statements at affordable prices. With our wall sconces, cords, and so much more, you can reimagine all types of spaces! Trust in our team to help you discover new ways to make unique wall sconces fun, easy, and creative.

Shop over 100 different colors in our collection of cloth covered cords, explore light fixtures for tables, ceilings, and walls, and browse must-have lamp parts and accessories.

Sconce and Cord FAQ

Can you use shades with these wall sconces?

Most of our sconces with cords come without a shade. You can find fabric, metal, glass, paper, and natural shades of varying sizes in our collection. Before choosing a shade, measure its diameter to ensure it will fit between the fixture’s bulb and the wall. It’s also important to check that your desired sconce fixture is shade compatible, also referred to as shade-ready.

Does the shade direction matter?

If you’re considering a shade for your wall sconce, remember that a shade pointing up will bounce the light off the ceiling and provide ambient light. A shade that’s pointed down will be aimed in a single direction to create task lighting.

Can you use cages with these wall sconces?

Similar to adding a shade, you can also add a bulb cage to our wall sconces with cords — but they are sold separately. Guarantee the right fit when you check for compatibility by measuring the diameter, as well as the overall size of the cage, to ensure it fits between the light bulb and the wall. We offer several light bulb and cage sizes to provide more options for your space.

Does cage direction matter?

In this case, cages and shades are a little different. Since most shades direct the light from the bulb in a specific direction, the angle of your shade DOES matter. However, cages don’t direct or diffuse light in any way. While there is a traditional angle for your cage, you aren’t limited by any of our rules! Angle your cage any way you want.

What finish options are available for these fixtures?

Most of our wall sconces with cords are available in five different finish options, including Black, White, Polished Copper, Solid Raw Brass, and Brushed Nickel.

Do you have matching cage colors for my wall sconce?

Yes! Most of our bulb cages are available in the standard finish options for all our light fixture hardware, including polished copper, satin gold, raw metal, black, and white. Even better, our cages for wall sconces with cords also come in additional colors, like red, olive, turquoise, and chrome. Mix and match cord, cage, and sconce colors to create a totally unique wall sconce for your space!

What are your best-selling sconces with cords?

You can see our best-selling sconces by sorting this category by Best Selling from the drop-down at the top of the page. Typically, our Mini Plug-In Junction Solo Sconce, Duo Light, and Button Light make the top of the list. None of these products come with light bulbs, and we don’t typically put cages or shades on these sconce styles.

What are your newest unique wall sconce options?

You can sort our wall sconce with cord selection by “Newest” to see what we’ve just added to our digital shelves. Right now, retro mod is all the rage, so our newest sconces feature glass globes or pill-shaped shades. Is this your preferred style? Sort our collections to see which kits come with a shade already!

How do you manage the cord on the wall sconce?

If your cord is very long and getting in the way, we recommend exploring our swag hook and cord stay selection for better cord management.

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