Lamp Parts

At Color Cord Company, we have the perfect lamp parts to make your DIY light fixtures uniquely-designed, safe, and easy to use. We love helping designers, contractors, architects, and DIYers everywhere bring their creative visions to light using our thoughtful and quality lighting parts and accessories. Shop our supply of lighting and lamp parts to create unique pendant lights and chandeliers.

Thoughtful Interior Lighting & Lamp Part Supplies

Custom lighting used to be design elements you’d have to shell out lots of money for. With our distinctive and compatible lamp parts, DIYers with a wide range of electrical expertise can design their own home lighting safely and easily.

Shop our collection of high-quality ceiling canopies that create a polished, professional look to your pendant light or chandelier. Explore tubings and fittings to create light fixtures with a structured or modern feel. Be sure to stock up on our assortment of sockets and socket covers, electrical components, and tools to make your project as easy as possible.

Shop at Color Cord Company for the Best Supply of Lighting and Lamp Parts

Color Cord Company is an industry leader in design for professionals and creative DIYers alike. From lamp parts to cloth covered electrical wires, we love designing all of the elements that make DIY projects fun, easy, and creative.

It’s also pretty safe to say we love color! Explore over 100 different colors in our cloth-covered extension cords, light fixtures, and lamp parts. Any questions about our supply of lamp parts? Send us a message online or over the phone at 1.800.409.1070.