At Color Cord Company, we offer all the lamp parts you need to ensure your DIY light fixtures are uniquely designed, safe, and easy to use. We love helping designers, contractors, architects, and DIYers everywhere bring their creative visions to life using our quality lighting parts and accessories. Shop our supply of lamp making supplies to create one-of-a-kind pendant lights, chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures, and more!


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Fixed Shade Cord Hardware Kit - 1/8 IPS

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Cloth Covered Electrical Wire

Cloth-Covered Wire Shop Wire by the Foot! Shop our full collection of... 

Thoughtfully Designed Lamp Making Supplies

Once upon a time, you had to shell out a ton of money for any type of custom lighting. Today, Color Cord Company has made personalized lighting much more accessible for everyone. With our distinctive lamp parts that are compatible with many types of fixtures, DIYers with just a little bit of electrical experience can design their own home lighting safely and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lamp Parts

What tools do I need for my project?

Color Cord Company recommends having a few basic tools on-hand for any lighting project, including a wire stripping tool, cable cutters, and screwdriver sets.

How do you strip wires?

Stripping wires is easier than you think! Check out our comprehensive tutorial about wire stripping to become an expert.

Can I match all my lighting components?

Our online store makes customizing every part of your project simple. Our finish options are available for nearly every type of lamp part. From our canopies and socket/covers to tubing and fittings, choose the same finish for each component to guarantee a perfect match. You can also browse our massive selection of cord colors for a cord that complements your finish style.

How do I make sure all the parts I buy are compatible?

Color Cord Company designs all our lamp making supplies in-house to ensure compatibility. We make it easy to find compatible products with detailed specifications on each product page. You’ll also find that we suggest the compatible products at the bottom of every product page to make sure that you can find exactly what you need.

Shop With Us

Shop our collection of high-quality ceiling canopies that create a polished, professional look to your pendant light or chandelier. Explore tubings and fittings to create light fixtures with a structured or modern feel. Be sure to stock up on our assortment of sockets and socket covers,electrical components, and tools to make your project as easy as possible.

Find the Best Supply of Lighting and Lamp Parts

Color Cord Company is an industry leader in design for professionals and creative DIYers alike. From lamp parts to cloth covered electrical wires, we love all of the elements that make DIY projects fun, easy, and creative. 

It’s also pretty safe to say we love color! Explore over 100 different colors in our cloth-covered extension cordslight fixtures, and lamp parts. Any questions about our unique lamp parts? Send us a message online or over the phone at 800.409.1070.