How To - DIY Rattan Wall Sconce

Brian Obernesser

in this video

In this fun and easy DIY project we’ll show you how to use lamp parts from our button fixture with a rattan placemat to make a wall sconce!

Color Cord Company Products you'll need are:

1/4 IPS Washer
1/4 IPS Nut
1/2" 1/8 IPS All Thread Nipple
3/4" 1/4 IPS Reducer All Thread
Flat Top Socket Cover
Black Basic Socket
1ft. of both Positive and Negative Conductor Wires
Center Punch Canopy w/ included accessories

Tools you'll need are:

Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
Standard Wire Stripper
Adjustable Wrench

To work on the Rattan:

Glue Gun
Power Drill w/ 1/2" Bit
Slab of wood to protect your table (optional)

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