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Shop flat chandeliers and chandelier cord kits in our collection of creatively-designed light fixtures. Color Cord Company has everything you need to create distinctive light fixtures at home. Whether you’re a designer, contractor, architect, or a home improvement aficionado, bring your vision to life with our signature customizable light fixtures.

Flat Chandeliers, Pendants, and Our Signature Custom Kit

We have a diverse selection of modern flat chandeliers and chandelier cord kits throughout our collection. Whether you prefer sleek, minimal trio or duo pendants or the fun, maximalist look of a chandelier with 10, 12, or more ports, we have it all.

All of our designs are available in a range of finishes, including polished copper, brushed nickel, raw metal, raw brass, white and black, easily lending each chandelier to any architectural and interior aesthetic you can imagine.

Flat Chandeliers Frequently Asked Questions

What Chandelier Should I Choose?

Whether you’ve just moved into a new space or you’re looking to upgrade the existing decor of your home or studio, a unique statement chandelier cord kit can add a bold focal point to your living or work area. Lighting is of course functional, but it’s a great decorative piece, too! Imbue your space with a modern, sleek touch with our flat chandeliers or add in a retro-inspired globe option to tie your space together and reflect your own unique design style. Consider the function of your lighting, your decor style, and your budget when coordinating lighting for your space.

How Do I Hang My New Chandelier?

We do often recommend professional installation for our flat chandeliers or lighting fixtures, but with a little DIY handiwork, you can easily hang your new chandelier cord kit on your own. Swag lights or plug-in chandeliers are a great option if you’re living in an apartment or space where changing hardwired fixtures can be difficult. There’s three ways to easily add in creative lighting to your space. Consider sconcing your light, hanging it with swag hooks, or get creative with a combination of the two! Our easy-to-use, versatile custom lighting is a simple way to upgrade the decor of your home or studio.

Can I Design My Own DIY Chandelier?

Of course you can! Whether you want to create a big, bold statement piece or you’re looking to create something small to hang over your breakfast nook, we offer a variety of options for customization with our chandelier cord kits. Start by deciding on a style, and then choose a color, bulb type, shade, and cord that works with that aesthetic. Then, think about how you want to hang your new lighting fixture. Do you prefer a bold swag hook look, or do you want something a little more minimalist, like sconcing? Whatever you decide, we’re happy to help you bring to life the design you had in mind. Reach out to us today to get started!

Achieve Eye-Catching Style with Color Cord Company

At Color Cord Company, we’re color and light design enthusiasts at heart and we’re proud to feature an industry-leading selection of chandeliers that offer you a whole new world of customizable options. With our light fixtures, you’ll have stunning one-of-a-kind lighting.

As our name implies, we love color! Shop over 100 different colors in our collections of cloth-covered cords, lamp parts, and light fixtures. Any questions? Send us an email or call 1.800.409.1070.