modern kitchen with designer lampshades

Customizing Your Lamp Styles & Fixtures with Designer Shades

Beau Wynja
modern kitchen with designer lampshades

Upgrade Your Lamp Fixtures!

Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or a head designer looking to revamp a commercial space, enhancing the light fixtures at your venue doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul. What if we told you that you could keep most of your lighting fixtures as they are and simply upgrade them with new, designer lampshades? You can add shades to bare bulbs or swap out outdated shades with something fresh and new to get a whole new look in less time (and with less money) than you ever imagined!

Color Cord Company is here to save your budget and your schedule with our unique lamp styles for any aesthetic. Completely revamp your lamp fixtures, wall sconces, chandelier lighting, and so much more using any or all of the below ideas.

1. Fabric

Fabric designer lampshades are a charming, classic choice for any lighting fixture. It’s an easy lampshade style that you can keep simple in a single color or enhance with striped, floral, or other colorful prints.

At Color Cord Company, we keep our fabric lampshades sleek and modern with neutral hues and original silhouettes. Browse a selection of taupe, nude, and white to keep your spaces professional and aloof. You’ll also be able to find a small selection of more colorful options in retro reds, yellows, and greens for a more vintage aesthetic.

2. Glass

From clear pill shapes and milky globes to tinted cones, our glass lampshade styles are versatile enough to fit in with any existing decor. While fabric or metal shades do a lot to diffuse the light in a more subtle way, most glass shades allow light to shine through very close to its original strength. Our glass shades come in neckless designs that are easy to fit onto nearly any type of light fixture with just a few extra components. Check each shade’s description to discover which tubes, socket covers, and fittings you need to quickly install your new shade.

3. Metal

restaurant decor with glass and metal lampshades

Metal designer lampshades can create a vintage feel on any lamp fixture. If you’re trying to create a retro 50s vibe in your space, metal lampshades in bright red or pastel aqua are one of our specialties. From pucks and sloped domes to large and small tapered designs, there’s nothing we don’t have to bring your vision to life.

Many of our metal shades also come in metallic finish options to evoke a more industrial feel in your space. Instead of orange and green, choose satin gold, brushed nickel, or chrome! You can even opt for our raw metal finish and then paint your own hue on top! Match any finish with one of our 100+ cord colors for a cohesive lamp style.

4. Paper

Paper lampshades may seem counterintuitive for creating durable fixtures, but don’t be fooled. Discover a new kind of paper shade when you browse the selection at Color Cord Company! The best part about our paper shades? They’re easily customizable with lighting accessories like swag hooks, extension cords, and canopies. You can even take DIY to a whole new level when you upcycle our paper shades with embellishments. Create decorative tape designs or cut out unique patterns to create something new for your lamp styles.

5. Natural

bohemian restaurant with natural designer lampshades

The last type of lampshade style we carry is the natural shade. These are made of materials like raffia, palm, rattan, and string to evoke a relaxed island vibe in any room. You can choose ultra-large shades to place over the pendant light in your dining room, or explore smaller diameters for desk lamps and hallway wall sconces. Whichever route you go, you’ll be inviting tropical breezes and ocean winds into your space for a soothing vacation ambience.

Versatile Styles Here

Color Cord Company has transformed the lighting industry. With our industry-leading modular designs and nearly endless customization options, design experts and homeowners alike can get their hands on the perfect lamp style for their project. Apply to join our retail community when you visit our wholesale and trade page or shop for just one small project when you browse our collection by room.

As always, our friendly team is standing by to provide additional guidance for every shopper. Share your projects and ideas with us to get tips and advice from the experts!

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