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Light Fixture Shades for Your Home Decor

Like the ambiance of the living space it inhabits, a lamp is the sum of its parts. In addition to bulbs and cages, light fixture shades play a key role in how a lamp’s aesthetics enhance your space. Discover the difference a hanging light fixture cover can make when you explore the Color Cord Company selection today!

Contemporary Design Aesthetics

Not only is a hanging light fixture cover a decorative item that guests tend to notice, but it also affects how they view other aspects of a room. The right lampshade can highlight your favorite decor and artwork, change the ambiance once lit, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of a space.

Take any room from cold and uninviting to something joyful and warm where you and your guests can get comfortable and relax. Whether you choose an oval, rectangle, triangle, or dome-shaped lampshade is up to you! Let the designer within go wild as you explore our light fixture shades here!

Lighting Solutions for Your Living Spaces

At Color Cord Company, it’s easy to find the best solutions for your home or commercial space. With so many materials, shapes, colors, and sizes, customization is easier than ever! Does a dome lampshade made of woven rattan speak to you? Or, do you prefer the minimalist look of a frosted glass cone shade? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find high-quality, uniquely crafted products with us.

If you love our light fixture shades, but you’re looking for a ready-made fixture, shop our massive selection of all-in-one lighting fixtures today!