Flush Mount Lighting

Semi-Flush Mount Lights & More

Color Cord Company is excited to offer you a versatile selection of flush mount lighting styles that are attractive, modern, and guaranteed to shine! Choose from small button lights, multidirectional duo and trio lights, and eclectic widget wall sconces. Looking for wall lamps without cords? No problem! Both plug-in and hardwired lights are available, and all of our light fixtures are customizable. Just use our handy Customizer to create the lighting arrangement of your dreams.


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Choose Your Own Lighting Adventure

Even if you don’t use the Customizer tool, you’re still in full control of how your flush mount lighting fixtures look. You can choose from a variety of stunning finishes, including brushed nickel, solid raw brass, polished copper, and more. Whether you want a single bulb or a nature-inspired, multi-bulb branched design, the power is in your hands! Select the size that best compliments the existing decor in your space.

All of our products are ready to use and can accommodate both LED and incandescent light bulbs, but you must purchase all light bulbs, shades, and cages separately. Mounting hardware is included, and expedited shipping is available.

Flush Mount Compatibility

It’s rare that any space only needs one type of lighting — you’ll probably be looking to combine your flush mounted lighting with pendant lighting and a chandelier or two. The designs at Color Cord Company make it easier than ever to ensure a cohesive look between all the lighting fixtures in your space. Find complementary, compatible light fixtures in our other categories and opt for matching metal colors and color cords when you shop now!

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At Color Cord Company, we make it easy to find the perfect fixtures for a new commercial space or spruce up your home with custom lighting solutions. Get creative with your interior design, dazzle your Pinterest followers, and throw out those gaudy old lights that have been collecting dust since the ‘90s.

Flush Mount FAQ

What’s the difference between plug-ins and hardwired lighting?

A plug-in light fixture is when you use a sconce with a backplate, while a hardwired light is when you just use a flush mount to create a wall lamp without cords.

Are your ceiling and flush mounted wall lights different?

While you can use your ceiling and wall mounted lights interchangeably, our collections have unique options in each category. Many times our ceiling flush mounted lighting options are slightly larger than our wall sconces because they’re responsible for lighting larger spaces.

What is a semi-flush mounted light?

When you buy a semi-flush mounted fixture, it’s suspended from the ceiling with a small gap between the fixture and the ceiling. The gap is meant to create an uplighting effect that also provides direct downward facing light at the same time. We recommend semi-flush mounts for anyone who wants more coverage from their ambient lighting.

If you have any other questions, our helpful customer service team is here to assist you. Speak with one of our pros as you browse our full selection of flush mount lighting today.