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New Light Fixtures & More

At Color Cord Company, we are excited to help you add color and personalization to your home. Our store offers an individual, creative approach to the lighting design industry that allows you to take bland and predictable designs and transform them into something unique. Explore our newest light fixture arrivals to find a massive selection that includes bright colors, original elements, and elevated materials.

With Color Cord Company, every customer or lighting design business can develop customized, one-of-a-kind lighting for their spaces. Much like your home or office space, your lighting must be a reflection of who you are. Use our DIY tools and top quality products to start building today.

Start Designing Now!

Our new light fixture arrivals include products from every category. Find shades in various materials, all-inclusive plug in or pendant lighting, and much more. Our light fixtures for the home or office space can help you complete a design or enhance an existing environment.

Lighting as Art

You might be thinking that the paintings you put on your wall and the sculptures that grace your coffee table are the only art you need, but lighting is also a form of functional art. Don’t let your light fixtures fade into the background! Bring them to the fore of any space when you choose bright colors, distinctive shapes, and retro-inspired designs or contemporary motifs.

Whether you want to make a statement or provide a specific ambiance in any room, Color Cord Company is here to help you do it. Find the newest light fixtures and accessories on our site here and shop our other collections today to find trusted favorites.

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