Unique Ceiling Light Fixtures

Two-Tone Pendant Lights & More

At Color Cord Company, we make it easy to find exactly what you need to light up any space. So if you’re wondering about our most unique ceiling light fixtures, you’ve found them here! In this collection, you’ll find some of our fan-favorite pendant fixtures that truly stand out among the rest. Whether it’s a sleek design or a distinctive shade, there’s something special about each one of these options. Start browsing today to transform your home or business with a light fixture upgrade.

The Pendant Collection

This selection of unique ceiling light fixtures ranges from custom styles to all-in-one designs that are quick and easy to order and install. Check out two-tone pendant lights and combine various colors of cord and hardware to create a completely personalized aesthetic. Or, opt for a pendant light with an unusual lamp shade, like our mod glass globes, woven rattan baskets, or distorted wabi-sabi designs.

Regardless of the unique ceiling light fixture you choose, you can do a lot to customize your project with several finish options for hardware, a massive variety of cord colors, and so many subtle variations, like added thumb switches or plug styles.

Ready to Shop?

Are you ready to start redesigning your lighting? Color Cord Company is excited to help! Find pieces for your overhaul in this collection, or create a completely custom fixture from the ground up through our custom lighting station. Whatever you’re looking for, we have it — and we build nearly everything to order at our facility in Colorado.

Shop now or reach out to our team for more personalized guidance.