Custom Pendant Light Fixtures

Explore our custom pendant light fixtures which allow you to create unique lighting for your space, just the way you want it. With these fixtures, you can choose how many lightbulb ports your fixture will have along with chic finishes and a nearly-endless number of color combinations.

Shop Custom Pendant Light Fixtures and More

We hand assemble each selection for each custom pendant light fixture in our Denver, Colorado studio, and we want to make design and installation as easy as possible for you!

Start by choosing your fixture’s canopy shape (the component that houses wiring into the wall or the casing for the plug-in cloth cord. Choose the number of ports and design how they’re laid out. Then choose one of six distinctive finishes.

Whatever you design, we also have a great selection of bulbs, cord grips, swag hooks, along with electrical components, sockets and covers, tubings and fittings.

Unique Lighting for Your Home

Color Cord Company is the leader in custom light fixtures and accessories for professionals, creative homeowners and renters alike.

We’re always thinking of new and distinctive products that’ll make your next lighting project fun and easy! And it’s pretty safe to say we’re big fans of color. Shop over 100 different colors of our famous cloth-covered electrical wire. Want to know more about the custom pendant light fixtures we feature here? Shoot us a message online or call 1.800.409.1070.