Plug-In Pendant Ceiling Lights

Plug-In Pendant Ceiling Lights

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Our Complete Guide to Plug-In Hanging Light Fixtures

Plug in ceiling lights are a convenient, elegant alternative for any room with an ostentatious chandelier or a space that needs an extra layer of lights beyond your traditional recessed lighting. When you choose to incorporate a plug-in pendant light into your space, you get a versatile centerpiece, better lighting throughout the room, and a practical solution that saves you space and money. Check out our overview of plug in hanging lights today!

Plug In Ceiling Lights in Small Spaces

Are you living in a home with limited space? Dorm rooms, apartments, and condos are great for living economically, but they rarely give you creative light fixtures that can really make a space pop. Fear not! Color Cord Company is here with the most creative plug-in hanging light fixtures that you don’t even have to hardwire! Transform even the most compact space into something with pizzazz and character with modern living room light fixtures.

What is a Plug In Pendant Light?

Pendant lights, sometimes called suspender or drop fixtures, are single, standalone lighting accessories that generally hang from your ceiling while suspended from a cord or chain. You can use pendant plug in ceiling lights in multiples, hanging them in a straight line over kitchen countertops and dining room tables, but they’re also perfect for small spaces that need a single bulb in a reading nook or bathroom.

Why You Might Need Plug In Ceiling Lights at Home

Now that you know what a plug in pendant light is, you can put your knowledge to good use. Anyone who rents an apartment or house knows that it’s pretty much impossible to modify your home’s lighting too much. That said, it’s natural for your space to feel dark if you don’t have enough fixtures or if the fixtures your home came with don’t match your ideal aesthetic.

With plug-in hanging light fixtures and some easy-to-install swag hooks, you can turn any space into a creatively lit home. From the smallest cupboard under the stairs to an apartment in the heart of Hollywood, chic styles and fixtures are at your fingertips with a little help from Color Cord Company. Don’t believe us? Check out more of our guide to plug-in hanging light fixtures below.

Animated Illustration of a sconce pendant light


Animated illustration of a hanging swag pendant light


animated illustration of creative Color Cord project with wrapped cord and piping



One easy-to-use, versatile lighting option is a plug-in pendant light fixture.

Color Cord cage light fixture on an sideboard table

Creative Plug-In Hanging Light Fixtures

With these preassembled, UL-listed plug-in pendant light fixtures, you can be as simple or creative as you’d like. Find the perfect fit by hanging yours from the ceiling with some of our fancy new swag hooks, tying knots in the cord for extra flair, or just plug one in and place it on a desk for simple, easy task lighting. Our plug-in hanging light fixtures can be enhanced with colorful cords, unique shades, and so much more to fit any space and any design with minimal effort from you.


Not finding the color and socket combination you’re looking for? There’s always something more at Color Cord Company. Keep exploring to find the perfect fit or create your own custom lights with us!

Man hanging a DIY lighting project with cloth-covered cord and rustic metal shade

DIY Lighting

If you want to take the creation of custom plug-in hanging light fixtures into your own hands, we have a wonderful video that details the steps of how to wire your own plug-in pendant! Simply choose the components you’d like, watch the video on how to make a pendant light, and assemble!

While our projects are meant to be easy enough for the layman to complete, we still recommend that you always consult a licensed electrician before beginning any electrical project. Since each space is a little different and no wiring is exactly uniform, they may have additional insights that relate to your specific project. They can also answer all your questions about what a plug in pendant light is and how to incorporate one into your home.


Want to add a pendant cage or light shade to your plug-in hanging light fixture for that extra dose of wow? Color Cord Company can help with a massive selection of accessories that makes it a breeze to personalize your fixture and light up your life!

Four images of pendant lamp cord and accessories by Color Cord Company



From cages and shades to baskets and naked bulbs, we have numerous customization options for our most popular hanging light fixtures at Color Cord Company. While our bulb cages look great with the porcelain style plug-in pendants, you can also go for the standard plug-in pendant, which comes with a shade-ready socket. Choose from any of our wide selection of compatible fabric, metal, or silicone shades to find your perfect aesthetic.

modern dining room with swag pendant light fixture with zip fabric shade from  color cord company

Pendant Light FAQ

What Size Are Your Pendant Lights?

At Color Cord Company, you can find plug-in hanging light fixtures in nearly any shape and size. Whether you want a tiny piece with a dramatically naked bulb or a giant centerpiece with a huge basket shade, we can help! 

Create your own pendant when you shop each component separately or explore our most popular pendants, like the Mod Glass Globe Plug-In Pendant - 10inch, AiO 6in Cone Plug-In Pendant, and AiO Urban Dome Plug-In Pendant!

Can I Place a Bulk Order for Pendant Lights?

Color Cord Company works with both private individuals and large firms to ensure everyone has access to the lighting they want! Visit our Wholesale & Trade page and apply to become part of our retail community! Then, you can order as many plug-in hanging light fixtures as you want at an amazing discounted price.

What Types of Bulbs Are Best for Pendant Lights?

Bulb types are completely up to you, as long as they’re compatible with the wiring and size of the fixture. Each fixture page will include details and specifications to help guide you towards an appropriate bulb

What’s the difference between a plug-in and hardwired pendant?

We explained what a plug in pendant light is already, but we didn’t talk about the difference between plug-in and hardwired. Any hardwired light fixture is one that’s wired directly into a junction box in your wall or ceiling, while a plug-in just needs to be plugged into an outlet.

Shop Color Cord Company Now!

Plug-in hanging light fixtures are a fantastic solution for all of your space-saving lighting needs! You can tell us exactly how long you need your cord to be, as well as personalize the colors of the fabric and metal elements. Simply choose the socket style and color of fabric light cord that you’d like from our unmatched selection, add it to your cart, and check out! Our pendant light cords can brighten up any space — no matter how big or small!

Find inspiration when you explore our gallery or reach out today to discuss your specific needs.

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