Build a Plug-In Pendant Light Fixture From Start to Finish

Beau Wynja

How to Make Your Own Light Fixture

At Color Cord Company, we help our customers create and update their light fixture designs quickly and easily with advice on how to make a light fixture. We offer tons of resources to help you enjoy the best style and functionality while upgrading your interior lighting. 

If you want to make your own light fixture, you’ll find tutorials, blogs, and videos to help! With these guides, you can explore our modular fixtures and customizable lights, and even shop just lamp parts to create something from scratch..

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing three parts of building a plug-in pendant from start to finish. 

Additionally, you can check out Color Cord Company’s convenient PDF guides with images and video accompaniment to learn how to make a light fixture that will illuminate your home with light, warmth, and joy!

1. Socket Wiring

What You Need to Make Your Own Light Fixture

  • Blade or Wire Stripping Tool
  • Pliers
  • Electrical Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Thumb Switch
  • Switch Cap
  • Cloth-Covered Cord


  1. Place your tape in two spots along the cloth-covered cord, two inches apart, where you want your thumb switch located.
  2. Cut into the cloth at the center of the tape without nicking the internal copper wires to completely remove the cloth between your two pieces of tape.
  3. Cut and strip only the black wire, exposing the copper filament on each end and twisting the filament on either end around themselves.
  4. Place the exposed copper wires from the black strand on the open tabs of the thumb switch and close the tabs, screwing them in place.
  5. Put the green and white strands of wire across the other side of the thumb switch.
  6. Secure the cap of the thumb switch in place with pliers.

You’ve now learned how to make a light fixture! Shop our selection of light bulbs and shades to personalize your fixture and infuse it with your aesthetic.

For more inspiration for your next light fixture upgrade, explore other DIY projects.

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