How to Wire a Grounded Plug End

Beau Wynja

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Watch the video below, and we’ll demonstrate how to wire a removable grounded plug end. These plug ends feature a two-part construction that’s easy to wire through the housing and screw terminal conductor blades.

Our plug ends are easy to use! Just follow the instructions below and watch the video for your best results. As always, if you have any questions, we’re here to help. Just call 1.800.409.1070 or send us an email.

Tools You’ll Need to Wire Grounded Plug End

  • Blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Stripping Tool (optional)
  • Extension Cord Ends

Parts of a 3-Prong Plug

  • The 3-prong plug that goes directly into an electrical socket
  • Barrel cord grip
  • Cloth-covered electrical wire

Tutorial for Wiring Your Grounded Plug Ends

  1. Remove the screw screw from the top of the plug with a screwdriver and pull on the prongs to release the plug from its shell.
  2. Loosen the set screw on the barrel cord grip and look inside to make sure the plastic screw isn’t covering any part of the opening.
  3. Insert one end of the wire into the top opening of the cord grip with the threaded end of the grip facing the cord. Wrapping tape on the cord makes insertion easier.
  4. Insert the same cord end into the plug shell opening and wrap 1” of electrical tape over the wire measuring 1 ¼” from the tip of the cloth.
  5. Strip the PVC housing over the midsection of the tape to expose the three conductor wires. Make sure none of the wires are cut or exposing the internal copper strands.
  6. Strip the ends of each wire to expose about ¼” of copper wire, twist them together, and bend them.
  7. Find the positive (brass), negative (silver), and ground (green) terminals on the back of the plug and loosen the 3 screws to open them.
  8. Wrap the copper wires onto each matching terminal screw: black wire on the brass terminal, white wire on the silver terminal, and green wire on the green terminal.
  9. Tuck the copper wire into the terminal and cover with the screw’s head. Tighten the screws and secure the wires in place.
  10. Pull on the wires to ensure they won’t pull out of the terminals and pull on the plug shell to align the screw hole on the cap with the one on the plug.
  11. Tighten the plug screw to secure the cap and bring the cord grip towards the plug to insert the threaded ends into the cap opening.
  12. Twist both the cord grip and then the set screw until they’re tightly secured.

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