How To Add Swag

Beau Wynja

If you need to add any swagger to your home or office, Color Cord Company’s pendant swag hooks are the perfect product for you!  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our swag hooks or are curious to whether this product will work for your particular application, feel free to call us or reach out to us at!

Step 1: What's included when you purchase our Swag Hooks?

Each swag hook pack comes with a backplate, swag hook, anchor, screw and allen key.

Step 2 : Installation

Hammer hovering below a metal screw in the ceiling

When mounting the screws on drywall, please be sure to use the included anchor.  Hammer the anchor into your ceiling or wall until it reaches the threaded portion of the anchor.  Then with a screwdriver, twist the rest of the anchor into the ceiling or wall.  The anchor should be flush with the surface.  Next take the backplate and screw and mount the backplate to your ceiling or wall by inserting the screw into the anchor.  Each swag hook design comes with a mini set screw to secure the swag hook to the backplate.  And with our Pinch Hook design, an additional mini set screw is provided to lock in the pendant cord swag position.  When threading the swag hook onto the backplate, make sure that the set screw is fully loosened to avoid interference with the backplate threading.  Then, take your allen wrench and secure your swag hook to the backplate.  When using a pinch hook to swag Color Cord wire, gently secure the additional set screw to lock in the swag position.


Step 3 : Get Creative!

Don’t hesitate to be creative with your swag style - experiment with different looks!  Such as, a boat knot swag on a T Hook or a double overhand swag on a Round Hook. 


Step 4 : Bask in the glory of your added SWAGGER!

Woman hanging blue light cord on ceiling hooks

Swagging Color Cord wire in a home or office will immediately up your swag status.  Your friends and family will be jealous that they don't swag quite like you do!  For questions or concerns, feel free to call us or reach out to us at!

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