How To Install A Plug-In Wall Sconce


Installing a plug-in pendant sconce is now that much easier after watching this handy-dandy installation video. 

Your plug-in pendant light can be installed in 5 easy steps:

STEP 1: Level the mounting plate on the wall in your desired location and mark the screw placement with a pen or punch.

STEP 2: Drill holes and install drywall anchors. Please note that included drywall anchors are not necessarily going to be the proper anchors for your wall type. Suitable anchors for your wall type can be purchased at your local hardware store. If attaching directly to a stud, you can forego the use of drywall anchors.

STEP 3: Attach mounting plate with provided screws. Be sure to make sure you have your mounting plate secured to the wall.

STEP 4: Attach plug-in sconce to the mounting plate. Simply line up the holes on either side of the sconce canopy with the holes on the mounting plate and use the provided screws to secure.

STEP 5: Add light bulbs, plug-in, and enjoy! This is our favorite step. Add your desired light bulbs, plug your gorgeous sconce for power and enjoy!

You will also need to track down the following tools to complete this installation:

  • Drill
  • Level
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer

It really is that easy! Be sure to tag us in your photos of the new sconce that is lighting up your world!