HOW TO: Install a Cord Stay

HOW TO: Install a Cord Stay

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Cord stays are used to secure any cord to a wall that’s running from a wall sconce or pendant light. They’re ideal for cord management, functional aesthetics, and personalizing the design of your space. Learn more about cord stays and how you can use them in your home from the experts at Color Cord Company below.

Finish Options

We have six different finish options for our cord stays, including matte black, matte white, raw metal, solid raw brass, nickel, or polished copper. Please note that our raw metal and brass stays are designed for additional customization. You can paint them any color you like or let them naturally oxidize to enjoy a lovely patina.

When you purchase a cord stay, you’ll also get a wood screw and a hex key to make sure you have all the tools you need to install the stay with your fixture right away. Note that if you are placing fixtures in a wall with drywall, we also recommend purchasing drywall anchors (not included with cord stay orders) for strengthening the support for your project.

Benefits of a Cord Stay

light fixture cord management with black cord stay

At Color Cord Company, we recommend cord stays for managing the path of your cloth-covered cord. Whether you need just one cord stay or a series that runs along the ceiling or wall, you can create unique designs with your cord that also utilize the rounded cord stays as accents throughout the cord’s path. We love the aesthetic that cord stays can add to your color cord pathways!

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Using a Cord Stay

Your cord stay has two parts. The bottom, which you screw into the wall, and the top, which secures your cloth-covered cord into place – almost like a sandwich!

  1. Decide on placement for your cord stays and map out the path you want your cord to take with a very light pencil. You might just need one stay on the ceiling to create the perfect arch for your pendant light fixture, or you could plan an entire cord wall crawl in a wild zig-zag design.
  2. Use the hex key to adjust the anti-spin hex screw in order to set the bottom half of the cord stay into a wall or ceiling. Once it’s screwed in, the cord stay should not rotate at all. If it still does, continue twisting the screw until everything is secure.
  3. Next, you insert your cloth-covered cord into the divot and hold it in place as you screw on the top portion of the cord stay. You can just use your hands to screw the top all the way down, but if it doesn’t feel secure enough and your cord is sliding around, use some pliers for extra leverage.

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brass cord stay for wall sconce above nightstand

As always, we’re here to help. In addition to modular and highly customizable light fixtures, we also offer assistance for people taking on all types of projects. Whether you’re a pro who needs to place a bulk order or you’re an enthusiastic DIYer redesigning their home, we have tools to help everyone get the job done!

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