How To Wire And Install A Mod Globe Pendant

Brian Obernesser

Our Mod Glass Globe is an enclosed light fixture that’s a unique blend of mid-century modern and boho-chic aesthetics. The perfectly circular silhouette makes an impact in any space, adding drama to your kitchen or hallways. But, it’s also a subtle enough piece to place over a reading nook or in the bedroom.  The above video and blog post below will show you step by step on how to wire and install this fixture if you choose to make it a DIY project!

Here's a list of DIY Lamp Parts you'll need for this project:
Pendant Hardware Kit
Single Port Ceiling Canopy
Basic Black Socket
Rounded Metal Socket Cover
Cloth Covered Wire
Neckless Cap
Neckless Fitter
Mod Globe Glass Shade

You'll also need some tools to complete this project:
Standard Wire Stripper
Color Cord 3000
Masking and Electrical Tape
Adjustable Wrench
Needle Nose Pliers
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Flat Head Screwdriver
Optional: Crimping Tool and Crimp

Please note that this is an advanced assembly. We also sell fixtures completely assembled.

Wiring the socket:
Wiring our basic black socket is the first and the largest portion of this pendant assembly.  First we need to cut and strip our cloth covered wire.  Apply a piece of masking tape over the cloth covering about 1 1/4" away from the end.  Then use the Color Cord 3000 or standard razor blade to cut away the cloth covering and PVC housing, exposing the three conductor wires underneath.   

Double check the conductor wires underneath to make sure to did not knick the covering exposing any stranded copper wire.
Then use your standard wire strippers to strip about a 1/4" of the three conductor wire covering to expose the stranded copper wires. 

If you have a soldering gun or a solder pot, we recommend tinning the ends of the conductor wires for a stronger contact point against the socket terminal.  If you need in-depth details on this step, check out our blog post Tinning: Explained.

Now that our cord is stripped, we're ready to wire it to the socket cap and terminal!  BUT FIRST, thread the 1/8 IPS all thread into the top of the socket cap; this is what you will thread your finished look parts onto in later steps. Loosen both ground screws located on the inside of the socket cap and thread on the all thread.  Feed the exposed conductor wires through the top of the socket cap.  Before we attach the green ground wire to the socket cap, we need to tie an overhand knot in the cord.  This will help support the weight of the fixture's glass globe once ready to install.  Then insert the green ground screw in the ground screw hole and tighten down the set screw. NOTE: Basic sockets in ivory are not able to fit the overhand knot. Basic sockets in black are the only compatible socket.

Now we need to wire the black positive and white negative wire to the socket terminal.  Loosen the terminal screws and insert the black positive into the gold terminal and white negative into the the silver terminal.  Then tighten down the set screws.  And once you're ready, thread on the socket skirt onto the cap.  You will hear a clicking noise once it is secure and the socket is now officially locked in place.

Assembling the Neckless Parts to the Socket and Cord:

Wowza, more than half the battle is over!  Now we need to thread on the neckless pieces onto the cloth covered wire where it will sit on the top of the socket and cover.  Drop the socket cover over the cord and onto the socket, then do the same with the 1/4 IPS All Thread and thread it onto the 1/8 IPS All Thread.  Tighten the all thread down using the wrench.  Then take the neckless fitter and thread it over the cloth covered wire.  Secure it with the nut and washer.

Now that the internal neckless pieces are secured in place, we can apply the finishing pieces like the Neckless Cap and Finishing Coupler.  Once you've applied those, you can cut and strip the other end of the cloth covered wire and feed it through the ceiling canopy and then wire it to your junction box when ready!

Installing the Fixture into the Ceiling:

First thing first: SAFETY FIRST!  Turn off the light switch that is connected to your junction box AND flip the breaker switch in your breaker box to ensure there are NO live wires.  After that, attach the provided rotating canopy mount to the J box using the provided mounting screws. Then, attach the three conductor wires to the corresponding wires coming out of your J box.  Please note that sometimes the ground wire coming out of the junction box is bare copper.  It is okay if the ground wires do not match in color.  Twist on the wire nuts and wrap each wire nut with electrical tape to further secure and prevent the wires from slipping out of the wire nut.  Push the wires up into the J box and line up the holes on the side of the canopy with the holes on the mount.  Secure the canopy to the mount using the provided screws.

Installing the Neckless Glass and Bulb:

Ooooo, buddy, are we getting close!  All that's left to do is screw in a light bulb and apply the neckless glass globe!  After you screw in the light bulb, loosen and lift the finishing coupler and neckless cap.  Gently feed the opening of the glass onto the neckless fitter so it rests on the lips of the fitter.  Then bring back down the coupler and cap and thread and tighten down the couple onto the all thread.  

Flip the breaker and the light switch back on and bask in the glory of your success!  That's one good lookin' fixture if I do say so myself!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this DIY project.  We're happy to help!

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