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Color Cord Company offers a variety of shades that are compatible with our fixtures from shade ready to fixed assemblies or neckless versions, but many times customers have shades from other sources, maybe vintage styles that need to be rewired, or are looking to create fixtures using their handmade shade designs. If you find yourself with a shade outside of our online options, we have solutions for you! This video will guide you through a variety of shade openings and which Color Cord Company sockets and fixtures will work for you.

1 5/8" Euro Fitter (Shade Ready)

The Euro Fitter 1 5/8" shade opening is a more common and popular shade opening and is the main shade style that we offer at Color Cord Company.  If you already have a shade with a 1 5/8" opening, but need a pendant or fixture to assemble it to, we have several socket options that work with Euro Fitter shades.

Extended Threads w/ Half Cap Socket Cover:

Thread the shade ring onto the socket threads from the inside until it feels flush and secure against the bottom of the shade.

Extended Threads w/ Socket Ring and EXTRA Ring:

Using the extended threads with two rings is the same concept as the socket with socket cover, but with the extra ring on the top you can utilize the full range of your extended thread sockets by threading the rings into a high or low position (which is your personal preference).  This will change how high or low the light bulb sits below the shade.

AiO Pendant w/ Spacer Rings:

Our AiO pendants are a fantastic option for a clean finish above the top lip of your shade, similar to our Extended Thread Sockets with Half Cap Socket Cover.  Our AiO sockets do fit flush with 1 5/8" Euro Fitter shade openings with the provided smaller spacer ring. However, we do recommend utilizing the larger spacer rings that comes with the standard AiO socket for a more secure fit.  Remove the socket bottom and normal spacer ring.  You can also thread up the socket top to expose more of the extended threading.  Apply the spacer rings and silicone rings to BOTH sides of the shade glass and thread back on the socket bottom cover.

Shade Ready w/ Socket Ring:

Using our Shade Ready Socket w/ Ring is the same concept as the Extended Thread w/ Half Cap Socket Cover, but the plastic socket itself has a lip that sits flush with the top of the shade opening.  Apply the socket ring onto the threading underneath.

Whether you use one of our custom Light Fixtures or need our DIY Lamp Parts to pair with your shade, we've got what you need for your Euro Fitted 1 5/8" Shade.  Below are links to our step by step tutorials on wiring our sockets:

How To Wire a Black Medium Base Socket
How To Wire an Ivory Medium Base Socket

1 1/2" UNO Fitter:

UNO Fitter shades have an opening of 1 1/2", so it's just a touch smaller than the Euro Fitter size, but don't worry!  We still have a couple of different socket options you can use!

The concept is all the same as the 1 5/8" shade opening, but we'll use our Twist Socket w/ Ring and Metallic Keyed Sockets instead:

When using the Twist Socket w/ Ring, the lip of the socket body will sit flush against the top of the UNO 1 1/2" shade opening.  Secure the socket to the shade by threading on the ring from underneath.

Our Metallic Keyed Sockets come with two shade rings so you have the option to change where the rings sit on the threading so your socket and bulb can sit higher or lower (to your preference). Set the top ring to help determine your preferred height and secure the socket to the shade with the second ring underneath.

To learn how to wire our Keyed Metallic Socket check out our video How To Wire A Metallic Keyed Socket.

7/16" Fixed Shade:

If you have a shade with a small 7/16" opening, we still have a solution using Color Cord Company products!  You can use our Fixed Shade Hardware Kits to secure a socket to your shade.  We also offer 7/16" shades if you don't already have one!

For a step by step guide, check out our video How To Assemble a Fixed Shade Cord Hardware Kit.

1 1/4" Undersized:

E12 Extended Threads w/ Ring:

You can utilize our undersize socket E12 Extended Threads w/ Ring and optional extra ring for undersize shade openings.  Thread on a top ring to set the height and secure it using the extra ring underneath.  Or, you can just use one ring and it attach it from the bottom.  This option is completely okay; you're just not securing the shade between two rings!  The shade will rest on the ring beneath the shade opening.

Flat Top Plug In Pendants:

If you have an undersized 1 1/2" shade opening you can also grab one of our Flat Top Plug In Pendants and simply slide the plug side through the bottom of the shade opening and have the shade rest on the top of the Flat Top Metal Socket Cover.  Please keep in mind that your shade needs to carry a bit of weight for it to sit evenly on top of the flat top pendant.

1 7/8" Oversized:

If you have a shade opening of 1 7/8" it is considered oversized, but we do have two socket options that still work with the oversize opening!

AiO Pendant w/ Spacer Rings:

Use the oversized AiO spacer rings just as you would for a 1 5/8" Euro Fitter.  It is mandatory to use the oversized rings.  Remove the normal spacer ring and make sure to use both silicone and metal washers on both sides of the shade opening.  Secure the rings and shade by threading back on the socket bottom.

Extended Threads w/ Rings:

You can use our Extended Thread w/ Ring and Extra Socket Ring to secure an oversized shade the same way!  Thread the top ring onto the socket to your desired height and secure the shade in place using the extra socket ring underneath.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  We're happy to help!

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