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Pendant Light Fixtures

Shop pendant light fixtures to give any ceiling a functional and distinctive focal point with our versatile designs to fit any home. Color Cord Company has the best selection of pendant light kits and fixtures for contractors, interior designers and decorators, architects, creatives, and home renovators that can’t wait to bring their visions to life.

Personalized Pendant Light Fixtures

It’s never been easier to personalize your home’s lighting! Shop pendant light fixtures from Color Cord Company to discover a wide range of styles and finishes. Whether you prefer a chic, minimal single ceiling pendant or something distinctive with two or more ports, we have it all. We even feature a Custom Plug-In Cord Set that lets you mix and match to fit your home’s unique look and feel.

Style and Selection

Color Cord Company strives to provide you with more options and variations than ever before. When you explore our pendant light fixtures, expect to find everything from single, naked bulbs to caged pendant lights, lamp shade designs, and multi-bulb chandeliers. Create your own fixture with the perfect color cord to match the rest of your interior aesthetic.

Shop Pendant Light Kits, Chandeliers, and More

At Color Cord Company, we’re proud to be an industry-leading source of contemporary pendant lights and unique accessories for creative professionals or homeowners. We can help you reinvent your home or redesign a workspace with all-in-one kits and modular accessories including cages, shades, hooks, and extension cords.

Light Fixture FAQ

What types of fixtures are available in this selection?

You can sort these pendant light fixtures by Chandelier, Pendant, and Plug-In configurations. Pendants and plug-ins are single bulb configurations, while chandeliers range from two to seven branched designs.

What’s included in All-in-one fixtures?

These pendant light kits come with a specified length of cord in the color of your choice, ceiling mount hardware, and a shade. Six feet of cord come standard, but you can specify your length preference before adding this product to your cart. Usually, bulbs and swag hooks are not included.

What light bulbs are compatible with these kits?

We recommend that you install our All-in-One lighting with any medium base LED bulbs. Each product requires a different incandescent watt max, ranging from 7 watts to 60 watts. Check product pages for bulb specifications before purchase.

How do I install All-in-One fixtures?

Each of these pendant lights have slightly different wiring and installation instructions. You can find the installation and wiring guidance you need for the fixture you plan to purchase on our blog. Before you start working on your own, we recommend you speak to a local licensed electrician about your space to ensure successful and safe installation.

Can’t I just plug this light into an outlet?

This collection doesn’t include any of our plug-in lights. All of these pendant light fixtures must be hardwired into the electrical system of your home. You may have wiring a