Swag hooks are not only for swag, they can also give your space swagger. When thinking about swag hooks people typically only think CEILING, but the pros also think WALL.



Yes, that's right, hooks look and perform great with wall installations. Use them to manage your color cord all the way up to the ceiling, or stop and have your fixture hang on the wall.


To get your light off of the wall, our hook wall plates are all compatible with our 1/8 IPS tubing. All you need to do is add a single length of tubing (we offer from 2" to 12"), and a 1/8 IPS Coupler to your cart. Your desired tubing length and color paired with your preferred swag hook style is going to give you the ultimate sconce hook.



Congratulations, you're officially a swag hook pro and your ceilings and walls thank you.