12 Projects of Christmas - Project #5 Plug In 4-Arm Wall Sconce

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #5 Plug In 4-Arm Wall Sconce

Using our DIY Lamp Parts and Cloth Covered Electrical Cord, we wired up a 4-arm wall sconce with a wood slab from a leftover project.
DIY Lamp Parts That You'll Need:

Cloth Covered Wire

1/8 IPS Tubing

Tubing Transitions

3 Way Armback

Basic Black Sockets

Flat Top Socket Covers

1/8 IPS Cluster Body Plug

1/4 to 1/8 IPS Reducers

Thumb Switch

Cord Plug End

Conductor Wire

Step 1: Measuring and Drilling

We measured and drilled into our wood slab to create four holes for each base of the socket arms.

Step 2: Inserting Brass Reducers

In order to have a secure base, we inserted a 1/4 to 1/8 IPS Brass Reducer in each of the four holes so that the 1/8 IPS Tubing threads into the wood slab.

Step 3: Routing and Prepping for Wiring

In order to hide all of the wiring, we routed out the top of the backside as well as down the right side so our Cloth Covered Wire could sit inside the wood slab for a clean finished look.
Step 4: Assembling Arms and Wiring Sockets
Next we wired up our sockets and screwed them into the base using a 3 Way Armback and some shorter tubing to form a 90 degree angle at the base.
Step 5: Wiring Thumb Switch and Plug End
For directions on these steps, check out our tutorials How To Wire a Thumb Switch and How To Wire a Grounded Plug End.
Step 6: Wiring Pendant to Socket Arms and Final Steps
Once we finished wiring up our Avocado Mini Tweed Pendant, we wired it to our socket arms by twisting the conductor wires together and capping them with wire nuts.  To keep the cloth covered wire in place, we super glued it down in the routed portion, then we put on the backplate and wall mount and BOOM! - A super vibe-y 4-Arm Wall Sconce.  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects and stay tuned, Project #6 is coming up!