What is an Edison Bulb?

What is an Edison Bulb?

Beau Wynja

Modern Edison BulbWhat is an Edison light bulb? Named for Mr. Thomas Edison, the Edison light bulb design has been around for more than 100 years and remains a popular choice in contemporary lighting design. At Color Cord Company, we love finding new ways to use the Edison bulbs while giving you new ideas to style your home with them.


The Basics of the Edison Bulb

Today’s Edison bulbs aren’t exact replicas of the original light bulb. After all, current technology has dramatically improved on the original.

Despite that fact, today’s bulbs are made to resemble the original light bulbs. They’re incandescent bulbs that have filaments and glass lenses. So what is an Edison bulb? It’s a light that is similar in appearance to the lights used over a century ago.


Milk Edison Bulb

How Have Things Changed?

Years ago, Edison bulbs weren’t made to last. But one of the most significant changes to the Edison bulb design is the use of an LED filament. In some Edison bulbs, there is an LED filament that makes the bulb’s color mimic that of the original bulb. Instead of letting off a bright light, an LED bulb produces a warmer color.

If you’re wondering what an Edison bulb is, you should also know that current LED versions of the bulb last longer than incandescent bulbs. As with all LED lights, LED Edison lights have a lifespan of about five times more than incandescent lights. They also use much less electricity than incandescent bulbs, which saves you money on your energy bills.

Over time, it’s likely that LED Edison bulbs will only improve. As technology evolves, the bulbs will become more efficient. Technology has already made it possible to change the color of the light and to control your lighting through a smartphone.


Edison Bulbs and Cages

Edison Light Bulbs Are at the Heart of Modern Lighting Designs

You might be wondering why it’s important to know anything about the Edison bulb design. For one, the lighting style is extremely popular. In both residential and commercial properties, the Edison bulb is prevalent.

If you want to be trendy and stylish, you should consider incorporating some Edison bulb light fixtures into your home or business. But with so many light bulb options on the market, you need to know what to look for.


Cloth Covered Pendant Light and Edison Bulb

The Different Types of Edison Lights

There are several different types of Edison lights available to you. Once you choose a bulb, you can customize your lighting with other features, like colored cords. There’s more variety than you might imagine with the Edison bulb design.

One unique way to add style to a room is to place an Edison bulb in an enclosed fixture. While most people who try to imagine what an Edison bulb is may think of an open bulb hanging from a string or pendant, you can use the bulb in a fixture. You just need to be sure that your bulb of choice is rated for the fixture.

However you choose to use your bulbs, the basic look of the bulb matters. Here are a few options:


Edison Bulb Classic Clear

Classic Edison Bulb

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple. With a classic Edison bulb, you can embrace the exposed bulb style. This type of bulb also pairs well with a cage. It’s what most people explain when trying to describe what an Edison bulb is.


Curved Edison Bulb

Curved Edison Bulb

A curved bulb is similar to a classic bulb, but it has a curved filament instead of a straight one. While the overall look of the light bulb is retro, the curved filament gives it a unique twist.


Franklin Bulb

Franklin Bulb

Another popular alternative to the classic Edison bulb is the Franklin bulb. This bulb is larger than the classic version, which gives it more detail. Because of its size, the Franklin bulb looks great in a cage. It’s an interesting Edison bulb design.


Edison Bulbs LED

LED Edison Bulb

As mentioned earlier in the section about what is an Edison bulb, this bulb is available in an LED version. It comes with significant energy savings and gives you the opportunity to change the color of the lighting.


How Can You Use the Edison Bulb?

Unlike some other light fixtures, the Edison bulb is flexible in that there are several ways in which you can use it in your home. For instance, you could place it in a cage and hang it as a pendant light. This is often done above kitchen islands and dining room tables.

When explaining what an Edison bulb is, there’s one application that must be mentioned. The bulb is most often used with others on one or more strings. Then, the lights are strung up and hung from the ceiling. On a patio or lanai, this look creates a warm and welcoming environment.

If you want to learn more about the Edison bulb or how you can use it in your home or business, contact us at Color Cord Company. We’re here to answer all of your lighting questions and to guide you in your next purchase.

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