Three images of Color Cord Company’s All in One vintage inspired ceiling pendant light fixture

Our Guide to Vintage-Inspired Lighting

Beau Wynja

Three images of Color Cord Company’s All in One vintage inspired ceiling pendant light fixture

If you want an authentic vintage light fixture, you’ll need to find a piece that is at least 20 years old. Unfortunately, many of these pieces are damaged, incompatible with modern lighting systems, or just too expensive to be practical options for most people to buy. Instead, there’s a new way to get that old-school look 一 vintage-inspired lighting that blends modern materials and compatibility with the aesthetics of everyone’s favorite past decades. 

Add nostalgic charm to any room with vintage-inspired pieces! From vintage-style globe lamp shades to pastel metallic finishes, Color Cord Company has what you need to elevate your space. Check out our guide to this style of lighting decor.

What Makes a Piece Look Vintage?

There are many indicators of vintage-inspired lighting that mimic the antique and vintage styles of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Some of the key characteristics you should look for include pastel colors, milky finishes, tinted glass, and simple silhouettes. You can even go the extra mile and opt for Edison-style bulbs. These have the same look and shape as the original Edison bulb, complete with filament, but they’re LED and incandescent bulbs in disguise. These eco-friendly options allow you to enjoy vintage lighting without the vintage waste!

1. Tapered Metal Shades

Chic, effortless, and the epitome of simplicity, tapered metal shades are peak vintage! Combine this shape with colorful finishes on a metal shade and you’ve got all the elements you need to create vintage-inspired lighting for any space in your home or office. 

There are many decades that use both color and shape to indicate the year. If you want something a little more 50s and retro, look for bright pops of color and a tapered dome. Looking for something that makes you think of the 60s and 70s? Pastel hues in aqua or neutrals in grey and white are the right choice!

2. Globe Shades

One shape that always says vintage is the globe. You can take any modern light and simply swap out the current shade for a vintage-style globe lamp shade for an instant upgrade! At Color Cord Company, we have neckless options in several sizes that are compatible with everything from wall sconces and pendant lights to chandeliers!

Because these vintage-inspired shades are glass, they’re a neutral shade that can go with nearly any finish. Whether your current decor has a hint of an industrial vibe with bronze or copper fixtures, or you’ve used our customization station to blend a unique cord color with one of our specialty finishes, a glass globe shade can take your look back in time.

3. Milky or Tinted Glass

You have your painted metal options which make color coordination easy, but what about ensuring your glass shades look vintage? If you’re striving for something that’s both genuinely vintage and unique, you might want to consider enhancing your glass with colorful tinting or a milky finish. Both styles change the light diffusion of the bulb and provide a more antique look to the fixture itself. 

Grey and brown are two of the most popular tints for vintage-inspired lighting, but an opaque milky finish can also provide the same effect. Whether you opt for a vintage globe lamp shape or one of the tapered silhouettes, you can find shades in many different colors to match your existing interior decor.

4. Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs aren’t just identifiable by their visible, glowing filaments. You can also recognize them from their warm, yellow glow. With a color temperature around 2200–2400K, an authentic Edison bulb provides intimate, atmospheric lighting.

Many people don’t realize that light bulbs can truly have a transformative effect on a space. Beyond a light bulb’s appearance, its lumens, wattage, and hue each have the power to create a unique ambience. As you’re shopping our selection of Edison bulbs, keep in mind that shape and filaments aren’t everything! Read up on color temperature and LED vs. incandescent styles to ensure your vintage-inspired lighting feels authentic.

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At Color Cord Company, we’re making customizable lighting more accessible. If vintage-inspired lighting is your vibe, you can find everything from plug-in-ready pieces to individual parts and accessories all in one place! Browse our entire selection of light fixtures to discover quick and easy lighting upgrades, or shop our lighting supplies individually to create a completely custom design.

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