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Trend Forecast: What's Next in Interior Lighting Design

Beau Wynja

2022 Lighting Trends

Every fall and winter, designers start looking at the interior design trends for the year ahead. What chandeliers will be trending this year? Which decade will take over your home? At Color Cord Company, we’re always on the lookout for what our partners, Instagram influencers, and clients are doing with their interior design. Based on these patterns and habits, we can make a guess as to what everyone can expect to see over the next few months.

If you’re an avid interior design enthusiast and you love keeping up with the newest things in the industry, check out our thoughts on what lighting trends in 2022 will bring!

1. All-White Fixtures

Neutral lovers, this is your time to shine! If you’re drawn to Scandinavian design or minimalist pieces, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re expecting to see white and alabaster light fixtures everywhere! This interior design trend allows the shape of your fixture to shine by selecting the most subtle accents, patterns, or minimalist cord colors like white, off-white, or pearl. You’ll be able to find fixtures in beautiful organic and unique shapes that allow you to explore unusual aesthetics in more traditional spaces.

2. Blast From the Past

Vintage and antique styles have been coming back a lot over the past decade. In addition to saving money shopping secondhand, vintage fixtures also offer interior designers and decorators a contrast to contemporary aesthetics that have reigned supreme for so long. Plus, mixing and matching vintage elements with a new design can breathe new life into a fixture.

Vintage interior design trends include the retro shapes of the 50s, pastel shades of the 60s, wild patterns of the 70s, and so much more! While usually vintage and antique are reserved exclusively for subtle accents on a desk or side table, we expect to see more than one vintage chandelier trending on Instagram!

Another ongoing project we’re seeing and will likely continue to see is the upcycling of older fixtures, using contemporary finishes and materials to ensure they fit in with more modern sensibilities.

3. Bigger is Better

The lighting trends for 2022 definitely indicate that it’s time to go bolder with all your lighting choices. Because of the pandemic, there’s been hyperfocus on decorating personal spaces to ensure interest, beauty, and comfort. Increasingly, unique pieces that really have something to say are becoming more popular. Everyone wants to exude larger-than-life energy that they weren’t able to express as much during isolation.

There’s been a big shift in statement lighting this past year that will continue into the next with pieces that lend themselves towards mixed materials, abstract shapes, and sculptural designs. Everyone craves individuality, and we’re seeing that coming through in today’s interior design trends.

4. LED Sculptures

Lamp bases and shades aren’t the only things that can be transformed into sculptures! Developments in light bulb technology are showing that malleable LEDs can actually be used to create illuminated drawings and designs. With just a few swag hooks or ceiling canopies, you can create a one-of-a-kind design that perfectly blends form and function for a little extra illumination that takes your interior decoration a step further.

5. Nordic Inspiration

The minimalist interior design trend has always been a huge draw for many people. The subtly sculptural lighting can offer the perfect balance for a centerpiece that wows you without overwhelming the space. Whether it’s naked bulbs, trending branch chandeliers, clear globes, or brass finishes, you can create an atmosphere that’s both playful and relaxing with those simple hygge vibes!

6. All-In-One

Since product parts and online tutorials have become more accessible than ever, many people are turning to DIY to personalize their spaces. While some are flourishing as artists, others are finding that making something from scratch is much harder than they thought. Instead of giving up on this interior design trend, many are searching for all-in-one light fixtures that still allow some level of personalization, and light fixture companies are keeping up! At Color Cord Company, we’re one of the only brands that encourages customization while keeping lighting design and installation simple for the home DIYer.

7. Give Us More Sconces!

The last interior design trend we want to talk about is wall sconces. Whether you’re living in a smaller space or you want to maximize an open floor plan, wall sconces are the key! They conveniently provide task lighting and accent lighting with a hint of personality ㅡ unlike your basic recessed lighting. From the bedroom to the bathroom, there’s a sconce for every space.

In addition to wall-mounted lights, many people are actually trading their recessed lighting in for the more stylish flush mounts on the ceiling, as well. There’s something so much more exciting about seeing a small pendant light hanging over your dining room table than a boring recessed light with no sense of aesthetic.

Which 2022 Lighting Trend is Your Fave?

Now that you know all about the upcoming interior design lighting trends, which one will you use to upgrade your lighting? Will it be a vintage trending chandelier? Maybe swapping out recessed lighting for flush-mounted pieces and wall sconces? Whatever you choose, know that Color Cord Company has your back. Explore our massive selection of unique fixtures, modular designs, and essential parts to create the perfect space for your needs. We can’t wait to see what you create in the coming year.

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