Salvage Series Ep. 3 - Candelabra Trio with Hub Cap Shade

Salvage Series Ep. 3 - Candelabra Trio with Hub Cap Shade

In Episode 3 of our Salvage Series, we wax up an old Ford hub cap and pair it with one of our DIY custom fixtures!  

Step 1: Cleaning
Clean Old Rusty Ford Hub Cap

Wax on, wax off!  Buff out the rust with a splash of refreshing cola and a scrub with aluminum foil.

Step 2: Drilling

Drilling a Hole Through the Center of the Ford Hub Cap
Next we drilled a hole through the center of the hub cap.  The top of the cluster body will mount to the bottom of the hub cap.

Step 3: Wiring a Trio Pendant

Wiring Three Gunmetal Cord Together
Lighting Components Trio Pendant
A Man Wiring the Candelabra Trio

Lighting Components You'll Need: 

Step 4: Assembling

Assembling the Candelabra Trio with Ford Hub Cap

Attach the shade by feeding the gunmetal cord through the bottom of the shade and threading the barrel cord grip onto the cluster body.

Step 5: Drive with your brights on!

Connecting LED Filament with the Candelabra Trio
Candelabra Trio with Hub Cap Shade
DIY Lamp Made from Ford Hub Cap

We used three LED Tube Candelabra bulbs for this particular build, but depending on what you find to turn into a shade we have plenty of bulb options to choose from!  You can put a vintage vibe into any space with this up-cycled lighting project. 
Send us photos of your salvaged projects!