Decorating with Color: Play with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Decorating with Color: Play with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Everyone interested in design, fashion, and decor awaits with bated breath to find out what Pantone has decided for their new color of the year. At Color Cord Company, we’re always on the edge of our seats to see which hue could be inspiring the next explosion of home redecorating projects. With Pantone’s color of the year, you have the opportunity to make small changes to your home that ensure decorating with color takes center stage.

In 2022, Pantone has announced that their color of the year is Very Peri – a delicate blue that exudes carefree confidence, arouses our curiosity, and inspires our creative spirit. Are you ready to start decorating with this color in the new year? Let us be your guide into Very Peri blue and discover some easy home decor changes you can make to incorporate this hue!



How to Use Very Peri?

Very Peri is a versatile tone that makes decorating with color easy. You can use Pantone’s color of the year with many other shades to make it pop, keep it subtle, or create a rainbow whirlwind throughout your space.


Complementary Colors

If you’re looking to create balance while decorating with color, the best hues for Very Peri include Burnished Lilac, Lotus, Elderberry, Dried Moss, Muted Clay, Hawthorn Rose, and Granite Green. Choose three or four of these to pair with Pantone’s color of the year and explore the balance of warm and cool colors as they enhance and support each other.

Harmonious Hues

If you want analogous colors instead of complementary ones to create a nature-inspired blend of shades, we love placing Very Peri blue with a range of greens and yellows. Subtle and nourishing, mix and match your home decor colors with Foliage, Treetop, Greenbriar, Celery, Chai Tea, and Eggshell Blue from Pantone’s collection. You’ll end up with a holistic and harmonious home that lends itself to relaxation and comfort.

Tickled Tones

Decorating with color doesn’t always have to be structured and boring. Do you prefer a riot of hues lighting up your life! Very Peri can make it happen when you explore bold color partners like Tawny Orange, Fuschia Pink, Cornsilk, Tourmaline, Paradise Pink, and Iced Coffee – also from the Pantone Collection. Blending any three or four colors will result in a whimsical, joyous space that encourages confidence and uninhibited self-expression.

Centerstage Cast

You’ve decided to let Very Peri take centerstage, so don’t let any other color try and snag the spotlight. Instead of other powerful colors, consider exploring a palette of neutrals like taupe, white, black, and grey. These classic options will create decor that ensures timeless elegance and subtle style. Decorating with color in this way makes it easier for you to find a palette that appeals to everyone!


Home Decor Ideas

Did our overview of matching tones for Very Peri help you figure out your color palette? Great! Because now, we’re here to provide you with some actionable home decor ideas to incorporate these hues into your everyday spaces. Check out our favorite ideas for decorating with color here!

Lamp Shades & Bulb Cages

For many people, lampshades and bulb cages are an afterthought. You decide that you need a lamp, but you never plan out the materials, size, shape, or color until confronted with the massive selection on our digital shelves. At Color Cord Company, we urge you to think about these things before heading over to the Lamp Shade Collection.

What emotion and energy are you trying to evoke in your space? Do you want something subtle and minimalist? Then a range of neutrals with Very Peri at the center is where you want to start. Look at neutral lampshades in fabric or glass to bring your vision to life. Are you hoping that Very Peri will be the pop of color in a retro space? Maybe colorful metal lampshades are the way to go. You can even spruce up an industrial aesthetic with brightly-hued metal bulb cages available in every color of the rainbow!

Cord Colors & Fixture Hardware

In addition to lampshades and bulb cages, you can also infuse color into your lamp cord and fixture hardware. When you opt to customize your light fixtures, you can add color to every piece in your design, including printed cord colors, ceiling canopies, sockets, covers, tubings, and more.

There are plenty of places where a naked bulb looks fantastic next to brightly colored cord and hardware. Check out how a cafe in Costa Rica experimented with our customization options for even more playful self-expression.

Pillows & Throws

Decorating with color doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul of your home. If you have a neutral enough backdrop, then swapping out throw pillows and blankets in the living room and bedrooms can radically change the look and feel of each space. Change any soft textures in your home quickly and easily when you shop curtains, bedding, and rugs in a variety of hues. Change your decor for every season, holiday, and occasion without having to call a contractor for an estimate!

Accessories & Art

Some spaces are harder than others to revamp without turning to paint and wallpaper. In areas like your kitchen and bathroom, you still have a lot of flexibility when it comes to decorating with color. In addition to gorgeous fixtures that could use an update, you can also change your kitchenware to match! Jars and ceramics in Very Peri could brighten up countertops and decorate dining room tables with ease.

Wall art is another place where most people don’t think to coordinate their colors. If you’re bored with whatever photos, paintings, or sketches are gracing your walls, it could be time to mix it up with something new featuring Very Peri.


Feeling Inspired?

Do all of our suggestions for Pantone’s color of the year have you feeling inspired? Then, it’s time to start shopping! Explore ready-made light fixtures to spruce up your space or create a custom piece to illuminate your environment. Whatever you need, our team is ready to help! Shop our selections, find more inspiration, or reach out to our customer service representatives for additional guidance. Also, tag us on Instagram to show off your new and vibrant creations!

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