Custom Canopies

Canopies For Light Fixtures

At Color Cord Company, we see the power of lighting in expressing who we are. Designing a lighting scheme for your office, restaurant, or even your bedroom means designing a little piece of your life. Custom light fixture canopy pieces can help you style your life with vibrant, eye-catching fixtures, or subtler mounts that brighten your day.

Chic Contemporary Lighting, On Your Terms

Canopies are the foundation of all hardwire fixtures. Larger units can add glamour to a reading nook, or hang easily above your kitchen island to help illuminate your kitchen. With our huge inventory of features, you can truly tailor your lighting to your exact specifications. Create a stunning focal point by toggling with the versatile features:

  • Type of Finish (Polished Copper, Raw Brass, Brushed Nickel, Raw Metal, Matte White, Black)
  • Grip Finish
  • Size (Small, Large)
  • Shape (Round, Rectangular)
  • Number of Ports (1-26 depending on the model)
  • Port Configuration

Versatile, Functional, and Profitable Lighting

Use this component to hang vibrant pendant lights or simple sockets and bulbs. There are endless possibilities for light fixture canopy design. Commercial spaces love that the custom canopies keep the store, office, or restaurant bright with multiple pendants without taking away floor space. Keep the lighting overhead as a design element and a functional choice.

For homes and residential areas, canopy lighting provides an easy focal-point that also serves a purpose. Rather than shelling out thousands for dramatic art pieces, opt for a two-in-one deal with sophisticated, upscale lighting. The canopy fixtures draw attention and make the room feel instantly contemporary.

Shop custom canopies for your commercial or residential spaces at Color Cord Company today. Clients who spend more than $149 get free shipping on their lighting order.