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Unique Bathroom Lighting

Everyone has a personal aesthetic and preference when it comes to lighting, but your bathroom fixtures must operate at a standard that balances your comfort with functionality. If you’re looking for unique bathroom lighting that blends style and function, Color Cord Company has the selection for you. Explore our contemporary vanity lights, flush mounted ceiling lights, and wall sconces to create the perfect layered lighting for any bathroom space.

Our Selection

There are several types of essential bathroom lights, even in the most unusual of bathrooms. You must consider a variety of layers, including vanity lighting to illuminate your mirror, bath wall sconces to build layers next to your vanity lights, and ceiling lights to ensure your shower stall is well-lit. You may opt for flush mounted ceiling lights in the shower stall, as well as a chandelier or pendant light over the dry portion of the bathroom to ensure comprehensive and unique bathroom lighting.

Some of our most popular bathroom lighting for vanities include the Color Cord Company button light, which allows a bare bulb to extend slightly from your wall and illuminate you from every angle.

Bathroom Lighting FAQ 

Are bathroom lights different in a powder room vs. a master bathroom?

Generally, we recommend 7,000 to 8,000 lumens per 100 square feet for your bathroom, so size is truly the determining factor here. At Color Cord Company, we carry a wide variety of fixture sizes for our unique bathroom lighting. Whether you have massive high ceilings that practically demand a chandelier or a small water closet that will only fit a Color Cord Company button light, we can help you determine the right solutions for your space

Should you use LED bulbs in bathrooms?

Bathrooms should generally be one of the most well lit spaces in your home so LEDs are a great solution. They have a ton of lighting power, as well as a long lifespan and efficient energy usage. Just double-check that your unique bathroom lighting fixtures can accommodate an LED bulb.

Are there any materials to avoid for hardware or shades?

Whether it’s contemporary vanity light fixtures or a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, materials are an important part of the decision. You don’t want any finish that will rust due to high humidity levels or any shade that’s heavily affected by moisture. We recommend avoiding our raw metal finish and any fabric light shades.