How to Improve Office Lighting Design

How to Improve Office Lighting Design

Office Lighting Ideas

Your office serves many functions. It is a room you use to focus and get work done. You may host clients or coworkers. Your commercial office space needs to support co-working, creativity, and productivity. Upgrade your casual or uninspiring workspace into a stylish modern office with these office lighting design tips!

Statement Lighting That Improves Productivity

If you want an office space that pops, try adding some engaging contemporary fixtures. Lighting doesn’t have to be boring or standard. At Color Cord Company, we focus on creating custom lighting that brings out your inner brightness.

A sleek pendant chandelier from our collection can instantly transform any office space. It makes small offices feel classy and welcoming. Large offices can benefit from decorating with unique cage lighting throughout, with pops of color using color cord to swag the fixtures as pictured in the Conde Nast office game room photo (right).

Try your most bold and beautiful pairing and customize your chandelier to be a unique office lighting fixture. Choose two-tone pendants to match the current color pallet of your office lighting design. Select a canopy shape that makes you feel inspired. There are 16 unique port fixtures to choose from in our inventory.


Easy office lighting installation

Think Easy Installation

When you’re designing an office for you to call home, a contractor only complicates the process. Dealing with professional installation for new lighting grids can take away valuable work time with drilling and installing. Opt for one of Color Cord Company’s easy plug-in fixtures. These plug-in fixtures include:

  • Plug-In Pendant Lights
  • Plug-In Sconces

These plug-in fixtures also make it easy to change your office lighting design to suit your needs. You can install these yourself instead of paying an electrician. Perhaps you realize you’d prefer your wall fixture on the other side of your desk. With plug-in fixtures, you can change it even after it’s fully installed.

You can easily fulfill all your new office lighting ideas as they come. Your style isn’t locked into one design. Your office shouldn’t be either. With easy plug-in fixtures from Color Cord Company, your design can be as free-flowing as your creative thoughts, so long as your office manager is on board with your creative vision!


Reclaimed wood beam chandelier

Upcycle and Reuse

When creating your office lighting design, price shouldn’t be an indicator of quality. You can easily upcycle old materials to create custom, contemporary lighting that adds depth and class to your office space.

The beauty of upcycled pieces is that they symbolize who you are and what your office prioritizes. Find materials that relate to your company, or inspire you. Then let Color Cord Company handle the rest!

When you work with Color Cord Company, you can find all the parts you need to convert your upcycled items into sophisticated new office lighting fixtures. DIY isn’t as difficult as you think when you’ve got our lighting pro’s guiding you in the right direction.

Color Cord Company offers cloth-covered wire for a pop of color. We also offer individual sockets, covers, tubing, and other parts. This way, our clients can build their own unique pieces with parts from us and upcycled materials from their inventory to boast as part of their office lighting design. The best part about upcycling is that when someone compliments your lighting, you get to say, “Thanks! I made it myself!”


Designer Studio Shade and Sconce Light

Be the Artist of Your Lighting Design

A dim office puts you to sleep. If your office doesn’t have ample overhead lighting, you don’t need to install a whole new grid. Embrace the power of layering with complex, varied fixtures. Be the artist and designer of your lighting, rather than just the purchaser.

At Color Cord Company, we have a massive inventory of wall-mount and ceiling-mount fixtures to support all of your office lighting ideas. Angle your lighting so that the emphasis is put on key areas. This way, even if you can’t light the entire office, you can focus it where it counts.

Choosing where you angle and layer your lighting can create distinct spaces within your office lighting design, and even influence mood and tone. Cultivate and inspire creativity by casting deliberate shadows and deciding where to aim bright lights. Pendant lighting is perfect for this style of lighting.

These dangling solitary bulbs make it easy to cast a deliberate focal point in the room. Hang these above your desk or computer to establish the center of the room. Try a pair of wall sconces to frame the doorway and shed light on any wall art.


Creative office lighting ideas for collaborate work environment

Professional Lighting Design Made Easy

Create the space you want to work in. Elevate your office lighting design with a few simple tips from our lighting experts. Eye-catching statement pieces and easy plug-ins improve your office lighting scheme without breaking the bank. Order fixtures or parts for your custom project from Color Cord Company today for free standard shipping on orders over $149.


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