DIY Industrial Pendant Light Inspiration

DIY Industrial Pendant Light Inspiration

Beau Wynja

Pendant Light

Pendant lights help make spaces feel more spacious and playful, particularly if they’re designed by you. They are versatile and stunning in any space. They can serve as a pop of color in a more subtle room, or use their two-tone stem and bulb to bring together a complex color palette. Making your own DIY industrial pendant light is easier than you may think.

Why Add a Pendant Fixture?

Adding a fixture to any room can make it brighter and lighter instantly. It can also add to the overall look of the room. You can play off your artwork and decor with the palettes you choose in your DIY lighting designs or create something bold and unique to stand out from existing accents.


DIY Industrial Pendant Light Project

What You’ll Need

To complete your next DIY industrial pendant light project, you’ll first need the right materials. We offer lamp parts that make it easy to tackle any creative project you can drum up. Here are the materials you’ll need:

These are the basic elements that set you up for success for a DIY industrial pendant light. There are lots of different exciting types of pendant fixtures that you can create on a budget without professional help. These are safe and fun to make at home and can be customized to your taste.


Industrial Pendant Lighting DIY lighting Project

A Desk Lamp with Industrial Appeal

Creative projects like the Industrial Desk Lamp make use of recycled or found plumbing parts, brought to life with our color cords and gray metal finishes that result in a down-to-earth, edgy DIY industrial pendant light.

The parts of the industrial desk lamp are:

  • Barrel cord grips
  • Sockets
  • Plug Ends
  • Pendant Cord
  • Socket Covers

With these basic pendant elements, you can easily build your own DIY industrial pendant light today. Source recycled materials like pipes, shades, and other objects that you could thread a pendant through from flea markets. These pieces help to generate exciting industrial lights that scream sophistication.


Woven industrial pendant light

Woven Pendant Light Fixture

Much other DIY industrial fixtures, the woven pendant light is rustic and sophisticated all at once. It is perfect for a country kitchen or industrial aesthetic. All you’ll need for this project are the following materials:

The key to this DIY project is that you aren’t just putting the pieces together. You are truly weaving the texture of the fixture from scratch. This means that you can change the material to fit your living room’s current design scheme.


Woven Pendant Light With Geometric Cage

Step 1

Mount the hanging planter bracket in your desired location. Follow the instructions provided with your bracket. This will serve as the foundation for your entire fixture.

Step 2

This is the fun part of this DIY industrial pendant light! Weave your chosen rope or yarn material around your planter or cage. Try weaving your material through the openings of the bulb cage and wrapping it around the circumference as you see fit. Alternatively, wrap your material around the bracket surface to help create a visual texture that will look custom made! Try an in and out method or just wrap it in some places.

Step 3

Secure the newly woven bulb cage to the end of your plugin pendant light and add a bulb.

Step 4

Secure the pendant light and cage combo to the bracket to create the final product.

Chic Lighting Made Easy

Pendant lights can instantly elevate a room and take it from drab to fab. Try some of these DIY ideas to help you add flair to your interior spaces. Let Color Cord Company help bring more creativity to your life!

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