DIY Industrial Desk Lamp

DIY Industrial Desk Lamp

Beau Wynja
DIY Industrial Desk Lamp

Here’s a huge misconception: going industrial is a lot of work that requires a lot of background skill. Wrong! Going industrial is easy. Just a quick trip to the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store and some open space to work! The best way to go about shopping for pipe parts at the hardware store is to just spread out, start screwing pieces together and experiment.

This DIY industrial lamp project was for an old, beat up, wood top desk. We figured attaching the base flange directly into the desk would be no big deal. If you don't want to fasten anything directly onto your surface, making legs is also quite easy by adding a few more tees and elbows at the bottom. With simple DIY’s like this you can change your whole space in such an easy way. You can customize and rework old items and normal industrial parts to suit your specific needs!

Components for DIY Industrial Lamp Project 

For the Color Cord Company components, we used lengths of yellow and gray DIY pendant cord, plug ends, barrel cord grips, basic sockets, and finished it off with our gray metal socket covers. Check out our blog for more tips and how to’s for projects like this! The whole DIY industrial lamp project was fast and easy and if we ever get sick of it, it would be super easy to change the dimensions with different plumbing parts or switch out the color cords. That’s the best part about DIY industrial projects: you can totally make it what you want it. Don’t love the gray plumbing angle? No worries. Shop for something different with your favorite colors and features!

Amazing DIY Industrial Lamp Project

We love collecting plumbing parts and other found materials at Color Cord HQ, in order to create more elaborate, creative projects for you in the future! This is a no-frills, edgy version of industrial lighting.

We've seen some amazing stuff out there using pipe, and we'd love to see what you're doing for your lighting projects. Tell us how your DIY industrial lamp project went! Share with us your projects on our Facebook page, tweet us, follow us on Instagram, or just send us an old fashioned email at!

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