Custom Workstation Lighting: Stacked Wood Trio

Custom Work Station Lights!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create a trio of custom stacked wood light fixtures. This fixture was installed over our production area which is where each of of our "You Choose , We Build" fixtures are hand assembled to your specifications, so good lighting is important! The stacked wood design is a simple and affordable way to create an impactful fixture out of simple and easily found and affordable materials 

Step 1.

Start off by cutting 12" lengths of 2"x 2" wood into 17 pieces. Repeat this step for each of the three pendant fixtures. This can be done out of any type of wood and can be made to be taller or shorter to preference. 


Step 2.

Next, start by stacking the wood pieces to create your square pendant shape. Use a strong wood glue to adhere all of the pieces together. Finish this assembly off by adding uniform weight and pressure weight to the top of the assembly.  Once the weight is place make sure all the pieces are aligned and straightened. Let the completed frames sit overnight, for the glue to completely dry.

Step 3.

The finals step is to sand the fixture. Start your sanding with a low grit sandpaper to remove any excess glue and defects. Then work your way up to a fine grit sandpaper to get a nice smooth finish. After sanding you can leave the fixture in a raw wood finish, or take this opportunity to 



Assembly Diagram 

To the left is a simple diagram showing the individual pieces we used to assemble the fittings around the wood pieces. All these are available in our parts section of our website!











The Finished Product

This project takes a little bit of time and effort, but the final product turned out great for a fraction of the cost of 3 off the shelf type fixtures. It also is unique, which adds individuality to the space. We like to think of ourselves as our own special snowflake.