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About Smart Light Fixtures

Beau Wynja

Smart Lighting at Color Cord Company

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about smart light fixtures — they seem to be everywhere! With the current options on the market opening up to include new, versatile possibilities, now is the time to add them to your home lighting decor. Whether it’s smart flush-mount light fixtures or smart dimmable bulbs, Color Cord Company is here to provide you some crucial information about this technology. Before you start filling up your cart with smart lighting solutions, review our blog for more about the ins and outs of smart lighting for your home!


1. Picking a Platform

Smart light fixtures don’t work without a platform to control them. There are many options out there with apps that allow you to schedule lighting for specific times, group lights together, and create dimming settings throughout your home. Depending on the size of your home, you should be looking at a platform that can handle whatever devices you plan to add to your smart home needs. 

One popular way to find a platform is to use any existing voice assistants connected to Google, Apple, or Amazon devices. Another common connection option is Bluetooth. These plugs and bulbs are controlled by your phone as long as you’re within about 50 feet of them. Other platforms use built-in wifi signals that connect directly to your router, which you can control from your phone anywhere you have an internet connection.


2. You Can Connect Other Devices

Once you have a smart light management platform, you can also connect other essential home devices, including cameras, security systems, and thermostats. Each platform will detail compatibility with different tech, so you can choose one to control everything in your home or opt for a system that is purely smart light fixture oriented.


3. Affordable Options

Paying $20, $30, or even $50 for a basic smart light bulb is now a thing of the past. Because LED and smart lighting has become much more accessible, manufacturing costs and consumer prices are going down — by a lot! Now, there are smart bulb options for as low as $5. Even better, there are smart LED options that mimic other lighting styles to ensure you match the aesthetic in your home without compromising on lighting efficiency, longevity, and quality.

If you simply have to have incandescent bulbs or Edison-style bulbs, you can find all of those options at an affordable price point, too!



4. More Than Just Bulbs

Smart light fixtures are about more than just the bulbs. You don’t have to get a smart light bulb to enjoy smart lighting in your home anymore! If you want to transition the lighting in your home, you can get a smart plug or smart switch instead. Smart switches are relatively easy to rewire and can save you a whole lot of time. Instead of swapping out every bulb in your home, you just rewire the switch and control multiple fixtures at a single point. A unique benefit of smart switches is that, unlike smart bulbs, they continue to operate even when the lights are off. Voice commands and automation aren’t dependent on whether the switch is off or on! As always, if you’re new to hardwiring light fixture switches, please work with a professional who can help you install your new fixtures when you’re ready.



Smart Lighting Solutions with Color Cord Light Fixtures + Smart Bulbs

At Color Cord Company, all of our fixtures can be used with smart bulbs as well as smart plugs. We recommend smart light fixtures to tons of customers — especially those looking for dimming capabilities. Smart bulbs are a great way to transform your custom or DIY Color Cord light fixture into a smart fixture.

Explore our fixtures, bulbs, smart ceiling light fixtures, and other decor accents today to customize the smart lights in your home!

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