Convert Your Plug-In to Hardwired with a Pendant Light Kit

Convert Your Plug-In to Hardwired with a Pendant Light Kit

You asked, and we listened! Check out our new and improved ceiling canopy / conversion kits in a wide array of colors and configurations. Our hardwired pendant light conversion kits allow you to transform your plug-ins into more permanent fixtures. Once you use one of our pendant light conversion kits, your canopy piece will be secured to the ceiling with side screws, ensuring a clean canopy face and a minimalist, contemporary look. Learn how to convert a plug-in light fixture to hardwire with our comprehensive guide today!

About Pendant Light Conversion Kits

Our ceiling canopies are available in a single port, three-port, five-port, seven-port, and a variety of other configurations. We also feature custom canopies that allow you to choose the number of ports you want to include in your fixture accessories.




Plugin to Hardwired White Conversion Kit


It's as easy as 1, 3, or 5. Convert your plug-in fixture into a hardwired masterpiece with our ceiling canopies.


We have almost a dozen colors and finishes available for our hardwire pendant light kits, so you're sure to find something to suit your space. When you shop our kits, you also receive practically everything you need to get the job done. Each kit comes with a canopy, mounting bar, wire connectors, a cord strain relief, mounting screws, and canopy screws. The mounting bar includes a ground screw for safe assembly.


Our canopies are available in one, three, five, and more ports varieties. If you are looking for more ports, more colors, or different shapes, we can create a custom canopy to suit your needs if you reach out to us with the details. 

Check out our selection below to find the perfect port, or browse our entire collection to personalize your canopy finish and port needs even further. From metallic hues and neutral tones to bright pops of color, discover the perfect piece to enhance the aesthetic of your space.

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Ceiling Canopies by Colorcord


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At Color Cord Company, we strive to make lighting more accessible to everyone. Whether you’re an interior designer, real estate agent, or enthusiastic DIYer, our products and instructional videos make figuring out  how to convert a plug-in light fixture to hardwire easier than you think! As you approach your hardwiring project, consider this brief overview to help you get the job done.


How to Wire a Pendant Light

This wiring example is for our single-port light fixtures, but it should give you a clear guide for wiring any of our hardwire pendant light kits.

  1. Use a wire stripping tool to cut and strip your cord to the right length.
  2. Slide the cord grip and socket cover over the wire.
  3. Feed the conductor wires through the socket cap and put the green wire into the ground insert.
  4. Tighten the ground set screw.
  5. Loosen the screws on the terminal plate and insert the black wire into the gold screw hole.
  6. Now insert the white wire into the silver screw hole.
  7. Tighten the screws on the plate.
  8. Thread the socket body onto the cap.
  9. Slide the male portion of the cord grip on and thread it until it's secured.

With the hard part done, you can move on to the actual installation! See our complete guide here for more details.

Installation for our hardwired pendant light kit is pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions or doubts, please consult an electrician. And if you have questions or requests about our products, please let us know!

Hardwired light fixture conversion with pink cloth covered light cord and exposed designer light bulb

Using a Hardwired Pendant Light Kit Has Never Been Easier


At Color Cord Company, we love helping our creative community put together unique light fixtures. Whether it’s pendant light conversion or completely custom DIY build, we love inspiring you with new and fun ways to design lighting. For even more ideas, read our blog for in-depth video tutorials and lighting design articles.

Any questions about our hardwired pendant light conversion kit? Contact us online or call today at 1.800.409.1070.
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