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Mini Slope Shade

Mini Slope Shade

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Color Matte Black

Designed For Pendant Down Lights

A minimalist classic shade shape now offered in Mini sizing, this is the perfect choice to throw on your Shade-Ready pendant light adding an interesting twist to any space. Available in several different finishes, the spun aluminum takes on new life in matte black, matte white, or raw silver hues perfect for painting and/or finishing with your favorite colors. Choose this sloped shade to match with our shade-ready pendant down lights or the CCC Plug-In Pendant Kits.

Raw Aluminum is offered as an industrial option or for DIY painting, but it will have imperfections without treatment. It will not appear finished and will have scratches, but it is perfect for the customer who wants to get their own shade color by spray painting on your own.

Unique Pendant Lights

If you’re all about customizing your lighting, we’re here to help! Color Cord Company makes it our mission to ensure anyone can design a space to match their preferred aesthetic. Whether you’re a DIYer enhancing your home or a design architect choosing fixtures for a client, we make it easier to play around with different shapes, colors, and configurations.

Our downward pendant shade lights are designed to be compatible with nearly every shade-ready socket or fixture with the same socket and AiO fixtures. Choose your bulbs and cords before throwing any of our shades or cages over them to complete your project.

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At Color Cord Company, our mission goes beyond giving you the tools to customize the lighting in your space — we also strive to provide high quality, long lasting products. Our shades for pendant-down lights are durable spun steel that are made to last. Shop all our lighting accessories today to transform your home or get inspired for your next project.

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What is a Slope Shade!?


  • High-Quality Spun Aluminium
  • Matte Paint Exterior (except raw)
  • White Matte Interior (except raw)
  • Raw Aluminum is not treated and will have imperfections
  • Compatible with Standard Plug-In Pendants
  • Compatible with Shade Ready Fixtures
  • 1 5/8in socket diameter opening
  • 8in bottom diameter
  • 2in overall height
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