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Hang Straight 1/4 IPS

Hang Straight 1/4 IPS

SKU: PJT-008-227

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Color Polished Copper

Our Hang Straight in 1/4 IPS is used to install fixtures with lamp pipe/tubing to a ceiling canopy. The hang straight attaches directly to your ceiling canopy and connects to lamp pipe/tubing allowing for your fixture to hang perpendicular despite modest imperfections in the ceiling level. The hang straight is not intended for use on sloped ceilings, but it is a great way to give rigid light fixtures some mobility. The hang straight can also prevent damage should the stiff fixture be moved or bumped for any reason.

This hang straight features exterior threading with 1/4 IPS female threading for mating to the canopy and 1/4 IPS threading to connect with your tubing. In order to facilitate the canopy connection, you will also need 1/4 IPS all thread, a lock washer, and a nut, which are sold separately.

With all lighting projects and DIY fixture assembly, we always recommend consulting a licensed electrician.



  • 1 37/64” overall length
  • 45/54” overall diameter
  • 1/4 IPS female threading
  • 3/4inch OD male threading
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