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Shop for the perfect light socket covers to support your next lighting project. At Color Cord Company, we love helping designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners find the best lamp parts, cloth covered cords, light fixtures, and DIY light accessories to help make any space unique. Discover Color Cord Company light bulb socket covers available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors today!

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In this collection, you can assemble the perfect lighting at home utilizing our collection of light socket covers with everything from pendant light socket covers to shade-ready covers. Shop basic sockets, sockets specifically designed for shades, metal sockets, E26 sockets, E12 sockets, and twist sockets with rings. Like our signature cloth covered cords, many of our sockets are available in a wide range of colors so you can ensure a perfect match in every part of your light fixture.

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Color Cord Company is an industry-leading lighting design source for professionals and DIYers looking for the best light socket covers along with anything and everything they need to create a unique sense of ambiance in any home. We love reinventing homes and interior spaces with distinctive pendant lights, DIY chandeliers, and sconces. When you shop with us, you'll see that we’re always thinking of new ways to make your next project as easy and fun as possible.

Whether you need pendant light socket covers or a cloth-covered cord in a specific shade, shop our diverse collections of cloth-covered wire, lamp parts, and light fixtures. Any questions about our light sockets? Shoot us a message.

Light Socket Cover FAQ

Can I buy any socket cover for my fixture?

No. Light bulb socket covers are designed for the massive variety of bulb types and shade sizes. When you visit each product page, you’ll see the specific diameters, thread lengths, and light bulb compatibility requirements listed under “Specifications.” 

Make sure to compare all the components on your list to guarantee that they will work together. It can be dangerous to use disparate pieces that aren’t compatible.

If you have any questions about compatibility, reach out to our team for guidance at (800) 409-1070.

What’s the difference between a socket cover and a socket cap?

A socket cover and a socket cap are often used interchangeably. However, a socket cover may also refer to small plastic pieces that fit over outlets and close them off from use. These socket or outlet covers are typically round pieces with outlet prongs that you insert into any unused outlet to prevent the buildup of dust, lint, or pet hair that may spark or catch. They are also used when childproofing homes.

Do you sell outlet covers?

No. Color Cord Company only sells products and accessories for light fixtures themselves. Outlet covers are not part of our inventory.

Can every light socket cover be used with shades and cages?

No. Each light socket cover has its own specifications, as do shades and cages. From the diameter of the openings to the threading on each piece, you need to make sure all your accessories match. Even if the socket cover is listed as “shade-ready,” you must still compare the diameter and threading of the cover to the shade you want. Check the product page for each cage, shade, and cover on your list to ensure that you can use them together.

You can see some examples of our shade and socket compatibility here.

What colors are your light bulb socket covers available in?

Our basic plastic light socket covers are available only in black and white. However, we do have several sizes and styles in our collection that may match the finish of your fixture, including polished copper, solid raw brass, antique brass, graphite, and nickel. You may also find silicone and metal socket covers in nearly as many colors as our cloth-covered cord, with hues ranging from mint and ochre to linen, pine, or slate. We also carry ceramic light socket covers in white.

Do you need to use a socket cover for your light fixtures?

Socket covers aren’t a mandatory part of your light fixtures, but you’ll find that we include them in nearly all of our kits because they help create a sleek, finished look for your fixture. They are also an integral part of fixture customization and accessorization, as different colors and materials completely change the look and feel of your design.

See how chandelier and pendant light socket covers change your fixture here.

If you have any more questions about our accessories, please explore our FAQ for more details or reach out to our team via chat.