Accessorize It!

Contemporary pendant set with stacked light socket covers

Who doesn’t love accessories? We here at Color Cord Company sure do. We have now added Painted Metal Socket Covers for all of your DIY lighting projects. These beautifully clean and simple covers come 9 colors to suite all your creative color combination needs.

Metal Light Bulb Sockets in 9 colors. Color Cord CompanyUse just one metal socket cover for a simple and streamlined look, or have some fun and stack multiple to create a unique yet simple look. Play with color to highlight, compliment or contrast your color cord. The possibilities are almost endless.

DIYers take note, for the metal socket covers are not compatible with our threaded sockets. However, the metal socket covers are compatible with every other, unthreaded socket we offer! The sockets on our Standard and Standard Grounded Pendant Light Cord Sets are NOT compatible with the metal covers, due to the threaded sockets used on our cord sets. If you purchase a cord set, you will have to remove the sockets and replace it with a compatible socket and metal socket cover of your choice.

Not into DIY? Fear not, for we have also expanded our pre-assembled sets to include metal socket covers!!! Our Grounded Pendant Light Cord Sets with the Painted Metal Socket Cover comes in 5 Color Cord Company standard colors! Our most simple and refined pendant light cord sets to date; the painted metal socket covers offer clean lines and a contemporary look.

The painted metal socket cover accessories and metal socket cover cord sets are compatible with our industrial bulb cages, but require a fair amount of muscle to get them together. We found it best to find a friend to help get the cage over the painted metal socket, and using a bit of tape on the inside of the cage to protect from scratching the paint. Once the light cage is over the metal socket cover, you can rest assured it will not be going anywhere, and will be adding loads of style to your light!

Custom pendant bunch chandelier with color cord company parts

Below are the sockets and grips that will fit snugly into our metal socket covers: 

  1. Basic Socket - Black
  2. Basic Socket - White
  3. Porcelain Socket
  4. Standard Cord Grips -Black, White, Clear
  5. Barrel Cord Grips – Black, Clear, Frosted
compatible pendant light bulb socket options
how to put together a DIY pendant cord set

 Once you have your color cord, socket and cord grip picked out, we have a few small suggestions for assembly.  Our first suggestion is to put a very small piece of electrical tape over the end of the cut portion pendant cord.  This will secure the fabric sleeve to the PVC cord.  The cord grips can be a snug fit, so be sure to secure the cloth covering to the PVC cord underneath, so the textile cover doesn’t slide up. After the cord grip, then slide the metal socket cover over the cord.  Once you have those components on the cord, you can strip the cord as needed to wire on the socket.  Please refer to the GIF below to see an animated breakout photo of the assembly.

We are very excited about our newest accessory, and hope you are too! As always we are thrilled to see what you come up with, so tweet, Facebook post or carrier pigeon us photos of your beautiful creations!

*Please consult a licensed electrician for any specific questions regarding your lighting project. For liability reasons, we cannot assist in custom DIY project.

Red Industrial cord set with color cord company cage and socket cover