Light Bulbs

Color Cord Company has a dazzling array of indoor light bulbs. Browse our entire selection of energy-efficient LED bulbs, some in striking contemporary styles and others in eye-catching retro designs, including the Edison, the Volta, and the Tesla. Replace your conventional bulbs with custom bulb and cord combos and transform your living room instantly.

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Milk Edison Bulb

Style and Reliability

When you create a room’s ambiance, proper lighting is as key as the room’s four walls. You need bulbs that blaze to life when the light switch is flipped. If the bulb will be visible, you’ll also want it to be aesthetically pleasing; the parts should be clean and crisp, with smooth contours. Are you seeking more of a diffused ambiance in your space or a brighter light quality with an exposed bulb? We offer options for any mood you’re trying to create in your home, whether you’re an aficionado of milk glass translucency or crystal-clear transparency.

Dependability, style, and eco-friendly operation define the quality of our indoor light bulbs. From bulbs that capture styles to ones for general use, our light bulbs alone can improve a home’s lighting.

Find Bulbs and Wire

We have an eclectic stock of bulbs to complement the custom lighting that designers bring to life with our services. Creators of all stripes can move their lighting ideas from the planning phase to the production phase, to the sales floor or the home. Create your own product or select one from our gallery. Your lighting will house all UL listed components, with our high-quality cloth covering in the color of your choice. Use our services to create your lighting, then illumine it with our indoor light bulbs.