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Indoor Light Bulbs

Color Cord Company has a dazzling array of indoor light bulbs that can ensure the ultimate customization capabilities when it comes to lumen level, color temperature, bulb style, and more. Browse our entire selection of energy-efficient LED bulbs — some in striking contemporary styles and others in eye-catching retro designs — including the Edison, the Volta, and the Tesla. Replace your conventional bulbs with custom bulb and cord combos and transform your living room’s ambiance instantly.

Style & Reliability

As you develop the stylistic aura of a room, your lighting is as key as the room’s four walls. Whether your indoor light bulbs blaze to life or fill the room with a subtle glow when the light switch is flipped, choosing the right bulb can be a lot more complicated than you think. Color Cord Company offers the options you’re looking for to create any mood with incandescent and LED bulbs. Explore milk glass translucency or crystal-clear transparency in our glass here.

It’s All in the Details

Browse our unique indoor light bulbs to determine the lumen level, or brightness you want. These are different from watts, which are what we use to measure the efficiency of a light bulb. You can also explore different hues that range from match flame orange to overcast day blue. These are measured in Degrees Kelvin where lower temperatures are warmer colors and higher temperatures are cooler colors. Learn more about lighting 101 to ensure you’re getting the perfect lighting for your space today.

Find Bulbs and Wire

We have an eclectic stock of bulbs and cords to complement the custom lighting that anyone can bring to life with our products. House your bulbs in our unique geometric cages or highly stylized shades! Creators of all stripes can move their lighting ideas from the planning phase to the production phase, and from the sales floor to a home or office.

Create your own product or select a ready-made piece from our selection of chandeliers, plugins, and more. At Color Cord Company, we provide as much or as little as you need to take control of your space. Use our blog to find installation tips and advice or reach out to our team of customer service agents to learn more specifics about our indoor light bulb options.