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Bedroom Lighting Fixtures | Ceiling

From reading in bed to keeping your personal belongings organized, there are various ways you can light your bedroom to ensure it is both welcoming and well-lit for your needs. If your space doesn’t have hard-wired bedroom light fixtures for the ceiling, Color Cord Company offers creative solutions utilizing swag hooks and plug-in pendant lights that make personalizing your space easier than ever. Your ceiling is for ambient lighting that illuminates the entire space. Consider a mix of chandeliers and flush-mounted fixtures to guarantee a well-lit space!

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures | Walls

If you want a well-lit vanity or a light fixture that doesn’t take up space on your bedside table, the wall sconce is the perfect choice! You should install these lights in addition to the bedroom light fixtures for your ceiling because they’re the accent and task lighting you need for specific activities. You need much more illumination than your ceiling lights provide when you’re reading a book at night!

DIY Bedroom Lights

You’ve selected your bedroom light fixtures for the ceiling and walls; now it’s time to customize them for your space. At Color Cord Company, you can find plenty of all-in-one, ready-to-plugin options, but we also offer tons of customization options. When you choose to personalize your lighting, you’re getting DIY bedroom lights that are easy and convenient to install. Whether you’re an enthusiastic homeowner that’s redecorating or an interior designer redoing a hotel space, shopping with Color Cord Company simplifies the entire process!

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